10 thoughts on “I Came, I Saw, I Made This Week’s Edition of Reader Mail

  1. Hey Stephan — today’s strip got me thinking. What are the odds you could ever try a comic “crossover”? In other words, today’s strip features Dilbert — how hard would it be to get the same PBS characters into, hypothetically, a Dilbert strip — AND on the same day?

    I’m thinking there are three conditions, all of which make it hard… but NOT impossible:
    1. you have to be on friendly terms with the artist, and/or be fans of each other’s work;
    2. the other strip has to be owned by the same syndicate; and hardest of all,
    3. the other strip has to break the 4th wall, like PBS does.

    Given that from time to time, strips do honorary “theme” days (wasn’t there an honorary “strips reference Peanuts” day after Charles Schulz passed away?)… is this something we might actually see you pull off someday?

  2. Reader Mail
    As Always Too Damn Funny
    You Sir Have One The Best BLOGS

    Family Circus Dilbert Mary Worth etc…
    Just Waiting For One of Your “Tributes” To
    Calvin And Hobbes
    I know,
    You wouldn’t Dare

  3. mr. pastis: a business proposition. if you kindly go to my blog site and leave a short message, i will buy EACH of your calendars in a timely fashion.i’m serious. just think. that’s gotta mean 50 or 60 cents of royalties left over after the publishers’ cut for just one minute’s work! i have even created your own enty titled “stephan pastis is coming!” so you don’t have to mingle with the riffraff. the blog title is obviously stolen from you, so you know i am a true believer. one visit; two calendars. (only one visit per customer, though.) thank you in advance.
    p.s. please don’t sue me. thanks.

  4. A short break, I was loving your B&B story, and now it seems like a week has gone bye, and you haven’t posted. I love your stuff.

  5. mr. pastis:
    your painful lack of a response leaves me no alternative but to boycott the 2010 pearls calendar. i will keep the receipt for my new wegman calendar (boy i can’t get enough looking at the same cute dog photos 20 years in a row) in the unlikely event you reconsider.

  6. Thank you for the very loving tribute to your father-in-law. I cut it out to be reminded to hug someone when they need it. Love the pig. We do all have more where that came from. Need we forget. Here is another hug.

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