3 thoughts on “A New Edition of Reader Mail!

  1. Re: today’s (9/28) Pearls strip.

    Who was the jerk from WI that complained about Pearls? If it wasn’t in my paper, I’d probably cry myself to sleep every night… Or just go online and read it, I guess. Rat is my role model, and Pearls is welcome in my home any time! 🙂


    A loyal fan from the Badger State

  2. Wow, I hate those haters (does that make me a hater too?). You are just hilarious – I’d like to meet your son Tom(probably with a bag over his head), too. Also, you need a Twitter account! I just joined and you were the first I searched for, but it said that you didn’t have an account, not even an impostor Pastis.

  3. that was the best post EVER! the fact that it came on my birthday, and that your daughter has the same name as me makes it twice as awesome! thank you again for writing that awesome strip! do you have any online newspapers? I’ve moved to a non-PBS area, and I am starting to have withdrawls. 🙂

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