Full Frontal Nudity on the Comics Page

Today I showed a frontally-nude woman in my comic and got away with it.  Her nipple is even showing.  Fine, it’s just a dot, but still, you get the idea.

love is

It’s interesting how the comics work.  Had that been a brand new character named “Hot Nude Woman,” I never in a billion years would have gotten away with it.  Not even close.  But because it’s an established character on the comics page, there has not been a single complaint.

All of this proves that censorship is an unpredictable and fickle beast.

That today I got the better of.

31 thoughts on “Full Frontal Nudity on the Comics Page

  1. Saw the color version. Never seen a “Love Is” in color. Homina-homina-homina!

    To get our brains out of the carnal realm, check out this one:

  2. You keep breaking down barriers, brother. You with this strip and Bart Simpson in the Simpson Movie…soon the world will be ready for Hagar the Horrible to whip out his junk in the Sunday funnies. Making the world a better place one comic at a time.

  3. I broke the cardinal rule of commuting this morning and actually laughed out lod on the train at 6:15am when I read your strip. People glared at me and I didn’t care.

  4. Years ago (1987 or so) I worked for the Dayton Daily News in Dayton OH in the customer service dept. Once Sat morning, a lady called and cancelled her subscription. She was very indignant because Dennis the Menace had a little naked comic strip butt that day and she “didn’t need to see nudity” in her newspaper. Just thought you’d like to know it really does happen – crazy!

    I, however, love your work and the days that you parody other cartoons, such as the recent Mary Worth series; fills me with mirth and joy! I still miss Calvin and Hobbes and the old Bloom County and finally I have a comic strip – your’s – to look forward to again each day.

    Best wishes – Susan in Chandler, AZ

  5. I don’t mind the girl; but the way you drew that croc who’s eating that dude implies that the croc is nekkid and reminiscent of popping out of a cake — my moral sensibilities are totally offended, man.

  6. As a matter of fact almost all PBS characters r nude.stefan got away with it for 9 yrs or so!!!!

  7. What would happen if you put Doctor Manhattan in your comic arc? He can assist the superheros in PBS.

  8. Is it just me or am I the only one somewhat disturbed by the fact that a woman’s husband was just eaten by a crocodile? That’s interesting, because I actually look past the nudity and get more worked up over the violence. Not that there’s anything wrong with it it… as long as you don’t actually let a crocodile eat a husband in real life.

  9. I think the HOTTER thing about her is that she’s clearly Brazilian… wonder how THAT keeps slipping through the editors!

  10. Hey – I’m trying to see your strip for the day, but the comics.com website cannot be found anymore (the whole thing – not just your page). Have they gone under?

  11. Haven’t seen the “Love Is” strips in a while. They used to be naked most of the time, but now I think they’re usually wearing clothes. Just sayin’.

    Probably people remember the nude strips, more.

  12. Porn!!! I am SO FLAGGING YOU!!! Also National Geographic, and the Wayland Town Crier.

  13. I just found out from my folks that in my hometown newspaper they censored zits Saturday, and had a disclaimer for Friday for this same parody. Fickle indeed!

    My hometown newspaper doesn’t carry Pearls.

    It’s why I moved.

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