The Culinary Delight I Call My Keyboard

I am staring down at my Mac keyboard pondering what to write.  And I am distracted.

Distracted because the sides of the keyboard are clear.

And I can’t help noticing one thing:

There is more food under those keys than there is in my cupboard.

I suppose I should be disturbed.  But all I can think is that if there’s is widespread famine in this country, I could suck the Cheese-puff remnants out of my keyboard for days.

There is comfort in that.

32 thoughts on “The Culinary Delight I Call My Keyboard

  1. Yeah, my keyboard can get that way at work too…just attack it with the canned air, and watch your cheese poofs fly!!!

  2. Mac and Cheese puffs, a culinary delight… Careful for the occasional booger that has managed to fall into the keyboard abyss

  3. Never understood the pride about being a Mac person vs. a PC person. Is that what the next civil war will be over; a country divided by computer preferrence? I suppose we can all find common ground in having crumbs in the crevices of our keyboards.

  4. Which is why I am so glad that my mac came with a thin silver keyboard instead of those clear ones. Of course, it might also kill the occasional keyboard snacking for someone bothered enough.

  5. Stale cheesey crumbs …… Only a Croc could love those ! Time to escape the office and hit Costco and stock up on Man food !

  6. when I got my new iMac and the new tiny non-clear keyboard..that problem went I am just distracted by thinking about what MIGHT have slipped in there and how I will NEVER know………

  7. Computers? Who uses computers? Get one of the top-of-the-line BlackBerrys and you’ll never look back.

  8. Ew. I’ve experienced the adventure that is called cleaning one’s keyboard. It disturbed me a fair amount. The worst part was that most of those crumbs were unidentifiable.

  9. Caution Stephan, your blogs are getting dangerously more funnier and enjoyable to read than your strip.

  10. There is no telling what lies inside of a standard opaque keyboard, and it should remain that way. If you can’t see it, it is not there. I recommend a real computer so we never have this problem again.

  11. Of course, all of us cool kids use Macs. But what disturbs me is the fact that you’d let something as precious as part of a cheez puff get stuck in your keyboard.

  12. Speaking of food, why does the hair on Big Clown head look more like two ice cream cones laid on their sides?

  13. Boil some water, pour it into a bowl, and then empty your keyboard over that bowl. Wala! You got yourself some soup! Yum Yum!

  14. I have a Mac keyboard too. When mine starts getting clogged with cat hair, it’s really easy to pop off the keys to clean it out. (Gross) The tricky part is getting them back in the right spot.

  15. I’m glad I’m not the only one. My keyboard is disgusting. Instead of cleaning it, I would rather see how bad it can get and keep working.

    I love your blog, by the way. You are hilarious!

  16. instead of “The China Syndrome” it’s the “Cheeto Syndrome”.
    maybe that’s how that f-bomb ended up on your strip.

  17. My keyboard has dark greasy spots on the keys that don’t get used a lot…I blame it on my roommate-not only does he smoke nasty cheap cigars, but he frys things on the stove without using the fan, then wonders why the walls in the apartment look so dingy…

  18. Yeah! Macs are good at everything (even collecting old food)!

    Seriously though, that is an old mac, but they are durable and stick around forever.

  19. A few nights ago, a glass of water was accidentally spilled all over my macally keyboard… which has been through this at least a dozen times before due to my clumsiness. The keys were unbelievably sticky the next morning, so I lifted the worst of them out to clean. I never knew it was possible to take the keys out of this type of keyboard, so I found a TON of hair woven between the keys, held together by bits of moldy cheese and old crackers and whatever else I eat while I spend day after day sitting here. I’m guessing this last water spill turned all the new crumbs into a doughy paste that hardened in the keys. I cleaned them as best I could, but the “n” and “c” keys were both sticky enough to make an 8 character password take a full minute to enter correctly. Since this is a family computer, and we were all being driven insane by the sticking “n” key, Dad just brought home a new keyboard… it’s working better than the old one ever did. Oh well, at least it made it through more than 18 months of use…

    I really have to learn not to eat here… and to clean.

  20. You need to get one of those snazzy titanium keyboards that are like half an inch thick. Than you won’t be able to see the cheese puff crud.

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