Et tu, old man?

I don’t like to leave my house.  People are out there.

But yesterday I looked out my front window and saw a huge fallen tree branch lying on our lawn near the sidewalk.  I walked outside to see what tree it had broken off from.  I was not wearing shoes.

As I was standing there, an old man came walking down the sidewalk.  He was very frail and walked extremely slow.

I stepped off the sidewalk to let him pass.  I nodded hello.

He stopped and looked down at me feet.

“Do your feet hurt?” he asked.

I looked down at my bare feet that were now standing in the dirt so this elderly man could pass.  I thought it was touching that he cared enough to ask.

“I guess so,” I said.

He looked up at me and paused before replying.


I’m never leaving my house again.

33 thoughts on “Et tu, old man?

  1. You need a way to quickly assume your Danny Donkey persona and react as he would.

  2. I expect a week’s worth of strips that do nothing but tell everyone how old people should all be kept in cages to keep them from bothering the rest of us.

  3. It’s payback for rushing in front of the old lady at Starbucks…these old people have a jungle telegraph, and they’ve circulated your picture…you’re probably OK to go outside, as long as your errands don’t take you near the Senior Center.

    Just watch out if they start being nice to your kids-that’s just a set-up for getting the little ones all hyped up on sugar, chocolate and caffiene, then spoiling them just before they give them back to you…

  4. I love this. The old man has likely seen a few world wars and possibly the great depression. I’d trust his definition of “sissy” over mine any day!

  5. What is it with cartoonists and staying indoors? You should ring up Scott Adams and help him plan his underground city…

  6. can’t wait ’til i’m old and frail and can say whatever the hell i want to strangers without getting punched in the face (i hate when that happens).

  7. You should have said, “well, they don’t hurt now, but they will after I kick your arse!”

  8. I would avoid punching old guys. Knowing your luck, you’d probably get one of those 90 year old marine guys, who can still kill you 600 different ways.

    Still, I HATE going to the bank or trying to get a lottery ticket, and you get one of those friendly old guys who just wants to chat with the lady behind the counter! Arrrgh!

  9. Stephan, these people commenting funny things you should do to and about the old man are missing the point completely and let me tell you, unless you want your strip to stop growing that is unless you want it to go nowhere, you better start mingling some out there with the people what got jobs they don’t like and such etc. How do any of you numbnutses dissing the old man know what the heck was going thru the old man’s mind? And what might he have said if Stephen had answered him honestly instead of patronizing him? You have no idea where he’s been and what he’d seen. Stephan, as far as i can see you’re not hitting it out everytime to the plate. Trudeau is batting something like .900 or better. He went back to grad school to learn how to draw and he shut down his strip for like a year to bring it up to date. Not saying you have to do that. Just go out there and try to see people like they see themselves. Then come back and do your thing better than ever with richer material.

  10. Wow, stephan rose- that was a whole lot of arrogant in one post.
    Pastis is one of the best out there now or in history of comics.

  11. “Trudeau is batting .900 or better”? What year is it on your planet, stephan rose? 1976?

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