The Book That Will Change Your Life is Here

At long last, the next Pearls Treasury is now available.  You can buy it in stores or HERE on Amazon.  It has my commentary below many of the strips, and also contains a number of previously unpublished strips.  Plus, it contains my first-ever published drawing (It’s not good, but hey, I was only 12).

The book is guaranteed to change your life.

And by change your life, I mean you will have $16.99 less in your pocket after you buy it.

Here is the cover:

sells out cover

40 thoughts on “The Book That Will Change Your Life is Here

  1. Hey Stephan! I’m a new reader of your blog and I have to say, although you’ve probably already heard it one too many, that you’re absolutely hilarious! Keep up the great work!

  2. I will ask for one for Christmas, but as much as my husband pays attention, I will probably get “50 Years of Mary Worth:The Retrospective”. Maybe my kids will get me Rat and Pig toys. At 7 & 10, their favorite strip is the one where Rat is going to take the fruit fly to a strip club. They still believe that it is a comic strip club…..If I don’t get it for Christmas, I will do what I always do. Buy it for myself for Mother’s Day! That is how I got the rest of your books!

  3. you’ve got the same funny-looking guy on the cover as you did last time! whats up with that??

    (btw, yes i do know that it is stephan)

  4. i will buy this as soon as i can……when i am given money to make this purchase and then be poor again, but at least ill have new reading material. and im glad to see both guard duck and snuffles on the cover of this one, cant wait to get there plushies when they come out

  5. I can’t wait to get it! Hey, you know what? You should do a collection book of all the Angry Bob strips! Maybe the same for Danny Donkey, too!

  6. Your comic strip is better than Prozac, keep up the good work. You make my day!!! I love the Zeeba and Crocs.

  7. I like the cover too, but it would have been a lot better without that weird-looking guy in the photo.

  8. I’ve always been curious: do the treasuries include all the strips from the paper, or are they more of a best of?

  9. I pre-ordered it from Amazon so it only changed my life by $11.55. Oh, and I used a gift certificate, so it really cost me nothing. Does that mean it won’t change my life? Hopefully it will arrive today. My favorite from this treasury is the series of the crocs suing zebra for not being food.

  10. Duck should be going over those plushies with a flamethrower.

    Man I’m looking forward to reading this – I love how you comment on strips, how they were made, the idea behind and how some angry chick got angry over some weird little thing.

  11. I pre-ordered it through Amazon, got it two days ago and finished it today. I LOVED IT!!! Yet another superb treasury from PBS. I no longer try buying the single-year books and just wait to buy these because I love your commentary in them so much!

  12. Actually I’ll have about $12 less in my pocket because I pre-ordered it from Amazon. I love you’re work so quite frankly I don’t mind have $12 less!

  13. I’m hoping to buy this tomorrow (eh technically today) if Barnes and Noble has it in stock. I need more comic strips to read while I eat.

  14. Stephan says it’s a treasury, the cover says it’s a collection. Which is it? I have and love the first three treasuries, but the last one just came out last year. Is this a new one already?

  15. I’m on the phone right now trying to locate a copy of this book since I didn’t see it this weekend. Apparently the lady on the phone says that it shows in stock, yet she can’t find it on the floor. Is someone hiding pearls books until they get the money? Now I have to wait for it. Dang it. Patience is NOT my forte.

  16. I noticed that the check in the book was made out to Stephen Pastis instead of Stephan.
    Is this the only time that has happened?

  17. I wonder who was the first cartoonist to put out a collection of their strips with commentary? The first one I remember was a collection of the Far Side strips.

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