I Am This Close to Being Single Again

When I first got my cell phone about two years ago, I downloaded a bunch of ringtones.  Mostly songs.

When the phone would ring, the cell phone would somehow assign different songs to different callers.  If it was from someone I knew, it was one song.  If it was from someone with no caller ID, it was another.  And certain people seemed to have their own specific songs.  Maybe it’s something I did when downloading the songs.  I don’t know.  But it seems very random.

Long story short, I have gotten tired of these songs.  So last week I downloaded some new songs by U2, Coldplay and B.B. King.  The new songs are great.

But last night, I lost my cell phone.

I suspected it was somewhere in the house, but I couldn’t find it.  So I asked my wife Staci if she would call my phone, so I could hear it ring and find it.

So she called it.  And she heard the ring my cell phone decided to assign to my wife’s calls:

“The Thrill is Gone.”

It was a long night.

me alone

29 thoughts on “I Am This Close to Being Single Again

  1. Oh man, that is the worst. >.<

    I can kind of feel your pain in this, as similar things have happened to me.

  2. Oh you could have done worse.
    “How blue can you get” or “Nobody loves me but my mother”
    May have gotten you kicked out of the house.

  3. Hahahaha!

    Life – 1; Stephan – 0.

    Perhaps you could make it up to her by reassigning a sappy James Taylor song to her number.

  4. My ringtone for my wife is Joan Jett’s “Do You Wanna Touch Me There”. I’m such an old romantic…

  5. Hubby and I both got a laugh out of this. His ring tone for me is “Axl F” from “Beverly Hills Cop.” He has yet to give me a good reason for it.

  6. My wife’s ringtone is “Best of My Love” by The Emotions.

    I’m so whipped…….

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  8. Maybe it was a prophetic choice… I am assuming that you are currently lacking “Thrills”

  9. oh no…just change it ok? die to self and just change it lol. funny though =P (good come back: your wedding song)

  10. hahaha when my mom calls my dad the ring tone is the classic wild west music that it played before a shoot off

  11. I would find the first song you ever made love to your wife to and load it up quick man ! Then head to the grocery store in a couple days pick up some flowers for her and if she ask just fall on the sword dude and say your a blooming idiot !

  12. Maybe you should do a Pearls that cheezily sucks up to your wife. Would that earn you favor?

  13. Hehehe, that’s teh second time you risk your marriage, by the way, you never posted the reaction of your wife to her birthday cake, you should also post the picture 😛

  14. As an owner of an iPhone the ringtone currently assigned to my wife is the Alarm Klaxon, as if she’s calling it’s either something important or it will BECOME important if I don’t answer her call…

  15. Trhe amazing thing about all these posts is that, after reading your blog, these people assume you actually know HOW to adjust or re-assign your ringtones.

  16. If you are that unhappy with your wife, there is a thing called divorce. Why not get one instead of using a ringtone to voice your misery?

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