Intimate Moments in the Life of Stephan Pastis

I’m posting very compelling videos of myself on Facebook, but for some reason or other, WordPress isn’t allowing me to post them here.  So friend me on Facebook, and see these masterpieces of cinema.

To see them once you’re at my Facebook page, click “View Videos of Me” just under my profile picture.  Then you’ll see them listed under “Stephan’s Videos”.

19 thoughts on “Intimate Moments in the Life of Stephan Pastis

  1. You could change your privacy settings so everyone could watch videos without you having to friend them. But I’m guessing you’re trying get more facebook friends to beat another cartoonist?

  2. why dont u open an account on orkut. you know there r communities of “pearls before swine” nd u got a gr8 fan following there.

  3. Would Rat bother to friend you on facebook just to see a few videos? Yeah, I didn’t think so. If I’m gonna waste time watching “compelling videos” of yourself I’ll just wait til they’re on youtube. (And yeah, I would waste time on that cause I’m stupid that way) :p

  4. I don’t know why they won’t let you post them here..I really enjoyed watching you eat a sandwich yesterday..BTW, who made that sammy, it sure looked good!! =}

  5. Gaaaah, not another social network account! First it’s “You need to have a web page”, so I did that. Then it’s “You need to be on MySpace”, so I (relucantly) did that in order to send messages to people who have NO FREAKIN EMAIL ACCOUNT except the one you have to have a MySpace account to send to. Then it’s Facebook, and LinkedIn, and Twit, and… I’ve had enough. I’m not going to create a new account every time half my friends jump to the latest short attention span technocrap du jour. Seriously, what is wrong with you people? Pick a site and settle down long enough for Google to index you, and maybe people can actually find you once in a while without trying to guess which bandwagon you joined this week.

    Fess up, Pastis, Facebook is paying you a commission for new accounts, aren’t they?

  6. Just fyi, I tried friending this morning and Facebook told me that you already have ‘too many friends’, and denied me. If you could figure out another way to post your videos that would be awesome.

    Also, is Mary Worth still in the closet? I hope so.

  7. Foo! After my son said his training company (ARRRRRMY training, sir!) has a facebook page I finally relented, and figured I might as well at least make use of my new account to get a peek at the glamorous, dreamlike private life of NCS celebrities. But NOOOOOoooooooo, Mr. Too Popular For His Own Good has “too many friends”. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to have so many friends you break Facebook’s data limits.

  8. I got the too many friend thing also, I think there is a way for you set it up so people can become your “fans”.

  9. 5000 is the cut off? i only have 4, 997 more to go. Sorry mom and dad, i’m gonna have to cut you out to make room.

  10. I always obey and do what cartoonists tell me to do in their blogs. But Facebook is telling me you have too many friends. Oh yes, I can hear Rat laughing right now. You? Too many friends? But alas, it is true.

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