Even Slacker Cartoonists Need Vacations

I am going to Lake Tahoe.  I am going to teach my son Thomas to gamble.  He is only eleven, but we will exploit that to charm the blackjack dealers.

Riches await.  As does Thomas’ learning of a valuable life-skill.

They just don’t make fathers better than me.

29 thoughts on “Even Slacker Cartoonists Need Vacations

  1. First off, safe travels as you head to Tahoe 🙂

    Second, how is ‘seven-odd months ahead of schedule’ in any way slacker . . . especially by COMIC STRIP standards??

  2. *Pearls Before Swine, Copyright 2004 by Stephan T.Pastis, Distributed by United Features Syndicate. Laughter not guaranteed. Not suitable for some readers who prefer 75 year-old strips drawn by the son of the son of the son of the original creator. Product not available in some citie where ‘Smuffy Smith’ still wins reader polls. Product may have limited availability in cities where editors choose comic strips based solely upon potential racial or ethnice demographic appeal. Check local listings. No animals were harmed in the making of this strip, although we roughed up the dumb pig a little bit. Our apologies to the editors throughout NorthAmerica who are staying up late tonight perusing this text with a maginifying glass to assume that this cartoonist did not bury any offending words or concepts in this small text. Okay..I am tired now. To be perfectly frank, when I initially cam up with the idea for this ‘tiny word’ joke, I thought it would be really quick to do, but I now see that to make the joke work, writing has to be really small, and it apparently takes a fan of small tiny words to fill such a large space.Hence, I have run out of ideas. If you’d like, you can move on to ‘Cathiy’ or ‘B.C’ and check in on their crazy antics, as I am totally out of funny stuff. Actually, so are they. So heck, maybe you ought to just put this newspaper down and go watch a little TV. Geez, man, I STILL have more space to fill with this now tired joke. What to do.What to do.. I suppose that a lesser cartoonist would use this space to promote his latest books, but I don’t think that either of my two books, ‘BLTs Taste So Damn Good’ or ‘This little Piggy Stayed Home’ both of which were published by Andrews McMeal Publishing need that sort of cheap publicity. Their sales off Borders ‘Barnes & Noble’. ‘Amazon.com’ and your local book stores have been tremendous and they don’t need more help from me here. Wow, finally..I’m done. I’m never doing this joke again.

    Even, if it is for a minute, you bring a smile in peoples lives. Thank You!

  3. I think it’s very important to exploit our kids for riches, wealth, fame, etc.

    Keep up the great work 😉

    Recently discovered your comic, I’m in love with it!

  4. This makes me hate you a little. =) I work in a bakery, and I get a whopping TWO days off for my summer vacation. Just goes to show you how working your ass off, doing whatever needed to make your (stupid) bosses’ lives easier, and working at said place for over a year and a half without a raise will get you.

  5. Being a blackjack dealer myself, I can tell you there’s nothing charming about an eleven year old at your table, so make sure he isn’t seen.
    Maybe you could teach Thomas how to count cards. *That* would be a valuable life skill. Then you could hide him under your jacket and make some dough.

  6. They’re ready for you…all the casinos have large kiddie arcades that suck money out of pockets even faster than the casinos. One of them even has a 6 screen movie theatre…I spent a lot of time there when I got snowed in during a relative’s wedding 6 years ago and ended up spending 5 days instead of 2…

  7. How else are you going to get back all the cash you paid out for the last 11 years? Kids are expensive.

  8. My brother and I taught my daughter how to play Black Jack when she was about that age. She left his house one poker night with about $20. His friends then outlawed the kid and wouldn’t let her play anymore.

  9. if he hits bottom while he’s still young, he can make a recovery before middle age. don’t forget to add smoking and drinking to the repetoire.

  10. Wow. The blog “automatically generated” a “possibly related post” titled “I am not a house negro” which is a link to a page on Clarence Thomas. The connection is NOT immediately evident. Does he gamble at Tahoe with his son or did they assume that anyone named “Thomas” was related. Sounds like Fark material to me.

  11. …..**sniff,sniff*……

    Beautiful. Very European to teach your kids to drink, smoke, and gamble before they learn to read; it allows them to make better life choices.

  12. Just wanted to send some feed back regarding the Elly and Henry strips. My six year old daughter loves them. She just cracks up with imbalance of their friendship. Please write more of this saga for us.

    Thank you
    Tigard, Oregon

  13. Don’t forget to teach him how to call the waitresses over and milk free drinks!! That’s an important add-on! Have fun – win big! (Just not big enough to keep you from drawing Pearls, please!)

  14. My dad taught me to make model cars and to fly fish and to always respect girls. Needless to say, during my college years I was lonely, bored and broke from losing at cards.

    You’re on the right path!

  15. Always teach the young ones the cardinal rule in blackjack. Always double down on eleven, and never stand on 16 when the dealer is showing a face card. Learn these lessons well my son, and you will go far in Vegas!! 😛

  16. Bad parent! Bad parent!

    Nine is the age of ascent for a poker playing kid! You lost two good years man!

  17. Hello, Mr. Pastis. Regarding your Sunday comic strip dated today, August 9th, 2009: Your comic strip certainly does perform a valuable service: It keeps one practicing lawyer off of the streets in America! Better to keep people laughing rather than crying!

  18. Glad you’re getting a break. I happen to have it on good authority that Mr. Heebie Jeebie went to Disney for a week with my niece and her Mom. He really made the rounds.

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