The Pearls iGoogle page

Just got back from Comic-Con in San Diego.  Thanks for all those who came to my talk and to the book signings. I had a great time.

And, I just heard that Google is now giving people the chance to personalize their Google page with Pearls Before Swine art.  The art rotates throughout the day too, giving you a whole bunch of different Pearls designs.

Click HERE for the Google art.

11 thoughts on “The Pearls iGoogle page

  1. Yow! This is literally the only page theme that could make me abandon my Pac Bell Park/Giants orange and black page theme. Thank you so much…

    PS-I also have Larry the Stupid Croc as my myspace avatar-say “Pees shut mouf…me no want lecture.”

    It, too, is perfect.

  2. It’s not a Gmail theme. Thus, I do not care. If it was a Gmail theme, however, I would so use it. For about a month. I switch themes often.

  3. I finally selected to use igoogle the other day, and unexpectedly, Pearls popped right up! It really is nice to see Pig on my desktop when I log on. Weather he is asking for positive comments (lying is ok), flying like an angel among crocs, sitting in the Diner ordering probably really bad but expensive food, or being tormented by everything else in Pearls, it makes me smile.


  4. Just discovered your blog and I love it!
    Changed my igoggle page from Teahouse to Pearls-Yay!
    Also just preordered your new book-Pearl Sells Out from Copperfields-they said that you might sign it-I certainly hope so!:)

  5. Saw this and implemented it on my iGoogle homepage even before you had the chance to tell us. There are other great comics as well, for those who are fans of the genre. Love those crocs !!

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