13 thoughts on “Twenty Questions

  1. Confederacy was one of my faves also!
    Thanks for the heads up on PBF, i just wasted an hour of my employer’s time going through the archives.

  2. Where do they come up with these questions?

    Got to hand it to him though – the same questions for all those cartoonists? He plans his blogs like he’s a Rat …

    U T

  3. …on the Jim Davis theme, have you come across the “Garfield minus Garfield” strip, it’s by a guy called Dan Walsh I think. It does what it says on the can, it’s Garfield without the cat.

  4. I knew you were a U2 fan, but your favorite song is “Bad”? Damn, that’s a great choice!! Easily on my Top 5 list. My favorite is “One” – love the lyrics and know that it’s not the kind of love song most people seem to think it is!

  5. OK, I am all for you promoting new strips, but Perry Bible Fellowship is too twisted!!! I think that your “darkness” is perfect. But, that strip is out there! All of the rest of your favorite strips are excellent. Keep touting the new ones that you like on the blog. These days, after work, kids and husband, it is what I do for fun. By the way, I miss Andy the dog, and my kids still say “Find her? Oh, dat beeg mistake.” Even my comic hating husband laughed at that one.

  6. Is your Favorite rejected gag Going to be in “Pearls Sells out”? I hope it Does.

  7. Pretty good interview, though I see most of the “standard” questions that you talked about in your intro to Saturday Evening Pearls.

    I actually have a little question to ask you, Stephan. Well two, really:

    1.) What are your favorite animated series?

    2.) Favorite comic book superhero and super villain?

  8. Thank you for this, and even more thanks for the Perry Bible Fellowship mention. I’d never heard of it before, and it’s so demented, I adore it!

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