Radio Free Pearls

Hey, for those of you who have absolutely nothing better to do tonight, come listen to my boring voice live on KSRO News Talk. I’m supposed to be on live from 5 pm to 5:40 or so (Pacific Standard Time). Maybe we should turn it into a drinking game, where you have to drink every time someone says “Pearls.”

To stream the show, just click on the link below:

KSRO News Radio

And please, drink responsibly.

4 thoughts on “Radio Free Pearls

  1. Still can’t help jumping up and down for getting a chance to talk to Mr. Pastis!! (In fact, my giddyness is so obnoxious, Pastis himself would probably smack me in disgust) d:

    As if that would stop the ‘giddy’ XD

    (Now just imagine if I WAS drunk . . . d: )

  2. Hmm, Sonoma County … I could think of a good drinking game having to do with a luscious Cabernet …

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