A Revelation That You’re Going To Want To Share With Everyone You Know

Some people see religious imagery in mountain ranges or oak tree branches.

I do not.

But today while standing in the shower I was staring at the engraved letters on my upside-down Dial soap bar.

And that’s when I saw it.   The letters backwards.


I will never forget this day.

29 thoughts on “A Revelation That You’re Going To Want To Share With Everyone You Know

  1. So if using Dial gets you “laid”, then Irish Springs will get you… very confused message!! Time to get out of the shower!!

  2. Oh the profundity! and now I suppose you’ll tell me that DOG spelled backwards is ___.

  3. http://earlpomerantz.blogspot.com Earl is a writer for TV, and I think retired now. Of course as a writer, he has tons to say, and figured out how to blog, and is sharing his stories (funny) with everyone. I thought you’d like them. The camp stories are a blast.

  4. It’s a sign that you’re doing that Shroud of Turin thing wrong…you should be laid in a supine position to mimic it.

  5. Reminds me of an early Garfield when Jon and Garfield were lying in a haystack at the farm. Garfield looked at Jon and asked: “Want to swap sheep jokes?” That one never made it into print.

  6. This just in, Stephan Pastis is having an unhealthy relationship with his soap…

  7. That is fantastic.

    I will never look at Dial differently. Oh Dial, you had us all fooled.

  8. The guys that watch the sales patterns for Dial soap are going to be very happy with the sales spike that this post will create. 🙂

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