This Just In: Mark’s Game is at 9 and 11 at Newman

Just wanted to tell all of you that Mark’s game is at 9:00 today at Newman.  He has another game at 11:00.  The talent level at these games is supposed to be pretty high so the games should be fairly challenging.

Don’t know Mark?  Or which games I’m talking about?

That’s okay.   Neither do I.

I just thought I should tell you because the fat man standing behind me at Starbucks today shouted it so loud into his cell phone that I figured he must have wanted all of you to know.  He certainly wanted all of Starbucks to know.

So if you have some friends or neighbors that may not know about Mark’s challenging games this morning, please spread the word.

The fat man would have wanted it that way.

28 thoughts on “This Just In: Mark’s Game is at 9 and 11 at Newman

  1. Boy, I’m sure glad I was able to add that to my calendar in time. By the way, I enjoyed your shout-out in Frazz today. Any plans for retaliation?

  2. Good to know! I’m going to call my in-laws now and tell them to find out what “Newman” is and to bring a big sign cheering Mark on!

    On a side note, glad to see your love of Starbucks overcomes your dislike of people. 😉

  3. I just told everyone in the kitchen — after telling where I got that information (in which I said ‘Pastis, you know from the comic I love, Pearls Before Swine?) they simply responded that one of these days their going to stop letting me read you.

    But’s its waaayyy too late for that d:

  4. Hey Stephan, Looks like Jef Mallett just took a friendly jab at you in today’s (7/11) strip. Can we expect Rat getting Caufield to smoke now?

  5. Lines at Starbucks are black holes for idiots.

    The get sucked into them, then spiral around forever.

    The really big morons have blue-tooth headsets, just so you know they’re technologically savvy.

    If Hieronymus Bosch were to redo the Garden of Earthly Delights, it would have a line at Starbucks in it.

    Cann’t wait until we can use cellphones in flight.

  6. Not sure if you noticed, but you appeared in the excellent comic strip frazz. True to form you were a stereotypical road-raging idiot who yelled at bikers. Props (also known as Kudos, Congratulations) to Jef Mallett.

  7. Oh, Mark! Yeah, I know Mark. Thanks for the update.

    Do you think ANY of these people at Starbucks realize who they are being stupid next to?

  8. I expect that you will be at the SBux tomorrow morning so we can all learn how Fathead’s kid did in these globally significant contests? Now that you brought this up I need to know how Junior Fathead performed in his little doubleheader. That, and I just just like typing the word “fathead”.

  9. That’s pretty dang funny. One time at the movie theater a woman just up and started talking on her cell phone. It made me want to take her cell phone and break it in two.

  10. with these obesity rates, you will have to be a little more specific than “the fat man”.

  11. Carry a kazoo with you. Next time the fat man starts up, you start playing “The Yellow Rose of Texas.” Yeah, it’s annoying, but most times, the offender gets the message rather quickly and sometimes you even get applause from innocent, yet grateful, bystanders.

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  13. Stephan is also in Get Fuzzy recently 7/7/09 he called you a crazy person how perceptive

  14. Yeah, glad I was able to put that on my calendar. BTW, you might want to add to yours the interesting facts that Manual is a pallbearer at 11:30 a.m. today (oh wait, that already happened!) and that Sheila seems to think that Pasadena is probably somewhere close to Los Angeles. Or maybe Santa Barbara. All of this said incredibly loudly as if she was lost in the deepest, darkest Amazon rain forest and if she didn’t scream it out no one might ever come to save her from the pottoes and three-toed sloths. And pythons. Now there’s a thought …

    The other night, I asked my boyfriend if he thought everyone is stupid and he said yes, quickly amending that statement to exclude me. Yeah, I sometimes understand how he feels …

  15. Having worked as cashier, it is also annoying when the customer is on the phone talking loudly and decides to order in between sentences… in a whisper or by a wave of their hand.

  16. They need 2 separate starbuckses. 1 for idiots, and one for intellectuals. But 1 problem with that: all idiots think their smart so would be at the wrong one, and also there’d be no starbucks left over for you.

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