13 thoughts on “There’s No Need For Me to Add Anything

  1. I’ve always wondered just how stupid these women actually are. I was pregnant 4 times and believe me, I could tell.

  2. Would you want to go up to a lady and ask “So when is that baby due?” and find out that she’s not pregnant?

  3. I have always wondered about these women. I knew within a month of getting pregnant because I just felt off. Same time I was pregnant, a girl I worked with claimed she didn’t know until about 2 months before she gave birth. WE all knew but appartently she didn’t.

  4. …well, based on the article, she was still having her period during the pregnancy, even as late as three days before she gave birth. If this is true, one can’t blame her for not considering the possibility.

  5. What a tragedy. The poor kid got named Alfie. It’s stories like this that make me want to cry.

  6. You’d be surprised. I knew someone once this happened to. She was fairly thin (though by no means skinny), so weight wasn’t a reason for not noticing. She just didn’t show, and there was enough happening during her cycle that she had no reason to suspect she was pregnant.
    Just like the woman in this story, she went to the hospital because of all these pains and found out she was in labour.

  7. there is a tv show on Discovery health called I didn’t know I was pregnant. Haven’t watched it yet but just putting it out there.

  8. Lawsuit of the Day: Egyptian sperm are really strong swimmers
    Friday, July 10, 2009 12:36 PM – By Kashmir Hill

    Stroking of breasts can (eventually) culminate in pregnancy. But, as far as we know, the breaststroke can’t.

    Magdalena Kwiatkowska might disagree. She’s filing a lawsuit because her teenage daughter became pregnant during a recent trip to Egypt. From the Daily Mail (via Transracial):

    A mother is suing a hotel claiming her teenage daughter fell pregnant simply from using a hotel swimming pool.
    Magdalena Kwiatkowska says the 13-year-old conceived after coming into contact with ‘stray sperm’ in the water of an Egyptian resort.

    We’re sure her daughter encountered sperm somehow at the resort, and maybe even in the pool, but it likely wasn’t “stray.” Still, her mother insists “‘that her daughter didn’t meet any boys while she was there,’ a travel industry source said.”

    This lawsuit makes us feel slightly less guilty about the “dumb Polack” jokes we used to tell in elementary school.

    No comment necessary….

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