People That Mourn People

As you may have already heard, mourners gathered at Michael Jackson’s star on Hollywood Boulevard yesterday to light candles and cry.

Here is a photo of the Michael Jackson they mourned.


Now while I knew Michael’s appearance had changed to more and more of that of a Caucasian man, I was shocked to see that it had changed that much.

But no.

The star they surrounded did not belong to the King of Pop.  It was that of Los Angeles radio personality Michael Jackson, who must surely have been shocked to learn of his own death, to say nothing of the devotion he inspired among fans on Hollywood Boulevard.

Predictably, this mistake led to a few jokes about the fans of the King of Pop for gathering at the wrong Michael Jackson star.

Frankly, I thought this criticism was inappropriate.  I, for one, was moved by their gesture.  And by what it meant.

It meant they could read.

Now if we could just get them to stop lying down on the dirtiest street in Los Angeles.

8 thoughts on “People That Mourn People

  1. Actually, the radio announcer’s star is on Vine. The late singer’s star is on Hollywood Blvd. But you KNOW there are people hanging around the wrong one.

  2. Also, the picture you link to is indeed of people at the wrong Michael Jackson star, as evidenced by the microphone on it. The star they’re looking for should have a record on it.

  3. Haha awesome. Just proves how dumb people really are. Even the literate.
    I for one couldn’t care less about it.

  4. i read somewhere that they knowingly gathered around the wrong star because the correct one wasn’t accessible because of some event going on around it that closed off the area? maybe not…

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