37 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Have Time To Do a Longer Blog Post Today

  1. Wow, that’s a little too much information to know first thing in the morning. I don’t know whether to laugh out loud or fell emotionaly violated by the mental picture I just got in my head from reading that. 😛

  2. Ahhhhh, the rigorous life of a comic artist….. or is it cartoonist… not sure what the correct term is…. I wouldn’t want to mispronounce it…. Anyways, good for you…

  3. If this ends up as the main plot line in some Dan Brown novel, I will be royally P.O.-ed.

  4. Just happened to see that the new Pearls collection is coming out so I went to Barnes and Noble and did a search on Pearls before Swine. Interesting to note that on the bottom of page two they list “Welcome to the Orgy” by Deviated Instinct. Are you perhaps writing under another name these days also? Just curious.

  5. Practice, Practice, Practice Pastis
    Heck, I Can Now Do That Easily.
    I enjoy the Christ-Like Image.
    I can make in the shower glass before I have to go to my daily job.
    The difference is I use a lower part of my anatomy.

  6. Did it work? Probably not, huh? I like to watch the water run down my arms and pretend it’s lasers shooting out of my fingers.

  7. i can’t believe i’ve been missing your blog all this time. keep up the good work.

    ~long time fan, first time reader.

  8. Man, I wish I was clever. This post seems like it has infinite potential to generate witty responses, but I just can’t seem to think of anything. Damn this mundane brain of mine!

  9. Oh my god…you are truly going to hell!! (please take me with you…)
    But you know…once people read this, they too will go home and try the exact same thing.

    By the way…I can no longer listen to the Pretenders without thinking of Pepito.

  10. I have so been there. Unlike you, I have “helped” and said some things that “they” thought were in jest but were actually not. yes, I’m ashamed…not.

  11. cuz if it did, you can probably sell your shower door on eBay for couple grand at least

  12. Random fact: It is thought that the imprint came from Da Vinci. He hated the trade of relgious artifacts and he just wasn’t too fond of religion in general I guess. He scared the Pope by saying he had a dragon in a box which turned out to be a little silver lizard with wings taped to its back.

  13. Stephan Pastis is the best comics writer ever he hasmastered everything and man does pearls before swine kick butt

  14. i once tried that but it sounded like the cat was trying to swallow my foot

  15. i also am disturbed bythe image but i geuss its not worse then spelling your crushes name in the fog on the window and for all of you have a image already think if i were 79 and did that

  16. Steph, do you have a really fluffy bathroom floor mat? And have you ever tried making crop circles in it with your finger? And what is so disturbing about an image of a naked man with his face pressed into the shower door?

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