If You Think My Radio Interviews are Obnoxious…

Tonight, I get to be on my first ever live webcast at 7 pm PST. The webcast is for the launch of a book called “Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow” by Brian Fies. Brian won the coveted Eisner Award in 2005 for his book “Mom’s Cancer.” Come, watch me make an ass of myself.


me shocked

11 thoughts on “If You Think My Radio Interviews are Obnoxious…

  1. Thanks for the book, Stephan! The webcast was fun. Brian’s book looks amazing, too.

  2. You certainly did well, Stephan. You came bearing Cheetos, beer, and a paddle; you left missing your shirt. But overall, you were entertaining.

  3. “Come, watch me make an ass of myself…”

    Job well done, better than I could have expected. Sincerely, thanks. I really appreciate it.

  4. I noticed that you were sporting the grim reaper look with your hoodie during the webcast. I actually read that strip in the “Crass Menagerie” last night shortly after watching for a few minutes.

  5. Stephan, I totally spaced and forgot to watch the webcast but I saw the reruns and I’m glad I did. You two make a great team – it was like a Bob and Doug MacKenzie sketch, complete with beer (“Good day, I’m Stephan MacKenzie and this is my brother Brian” “How’s it goin’, eh?” “And today we’re going to be talking about… hey, leave the cat alone! Look, he’s all hyper now, eh!”)

    My cat ate some catnip yesterday and pooped all over his chair today. Just say no.

    Peter B. Steiger
    Cheyenne, WY

  6. My mom did that at an ice skating rink. Only, she went into the men’s room and the guy behind her went into the women’s room because he thought my mom could read without glasses on. Turns out, she couldn’t. I felt bad for the guy when he backed out of the doorway, red as a tomato. Naturally, Mom wasn’t embarrassed at all.

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