For Some Reason, I Wouldn’t Stop Talking

Gave an interview on Monday that was supposed to last twenty minutes.  But somewhere in the midst of it, I somehow fell in love with the sound of my own voice and wouldn’t shut up.  So I talked about which cartoonists I could beat up; ripped into Star Trek; threw in a Magellan reference; invited 500 strangers onto a boat I don’t own; swore like a drunken sailor; talked about how my wife is a jinx; and threw in references to sex, smoking and Kill Bill.

Just click the following words:  “Stephan Making An Ass of Himself.”

speechifying croc

31 thoughts on “For Some Reason, I Wouldn’t Stop Talking

  1. Just in time for the Reubens!! Good luck (though the competition is frankly amazing)

  2. Listening to it now..yes you are…lol
    I always learn something from ya Stephan, and get a little bit o’ inspiration too!

    good luck at the Reubens!

  3. LOL…this is exactly what would happen to me!

    Don’t feel bad– when I did a reading once, I started babbling on and I don’t even know what I was talking about. Everyone looked confused and I decided to end it before I continued onto my psychological theories and started ranting about “The Man”.

    I’m still listening to the show, though– at least it’s interesting!

  4. I took one break, but I did listen to the entire thing. Procrastionation. I think that was hillarious. Jeeze you can talk! Good luck at the Reubens!

  5. I think today’s comic is the pinnacle of brilliance, just so you know.

  6. Nice interview…for me, it’s nice to break the 4th wall as you mentioned. It’s good to put a human voice and a human person to the creation. Good to hear the movie is in the works, I’d line up for that.

  7. Heard that interview! Thought it was one of the best interviews I’ve ever heard!
    (Your part in it wasn’t bad, either 🙂

  8. that was a very entertaining 70- something minutes. I’d like to think my life isn’t that pathetic yet I did listen to the whole thing. good luck!

  9. :))

  10. Unrelated to this post; just wanted to point out how much Pig looks like Danny Donkey when both he and Rat draw him in his journal. Is Pig pushing down Danny Donkey-esque impulses?

  11. Man did I laugh! Did you have Tourretts in that one part where you just started yelling “Justin *!&!” over and over? You are awesome.

  12. “Making an Ass of Himself?” … you loved every moment of it, you misanthropic narcissist (*wink*).

  13. I really thought the interview was interesting–you have an awesome sense of humor. Of course, we already knew that from the comic strip. 🙂

    Totally OT, tthe strip for today (05/22/09), was dead-on. I don’t think I’ve ever realated to Rat better, and believe me, I feel like the human version of Rat. Salud!

  14. I blame it on all the Croc strips you’ve been writing. After alll, dey theenk dumb. It must’ve rubbed on off your brain. (Temporarily.)

  15. I thought it was pretty entertaining. Nothing like an artist I like asking for names of people to make fun of.

  16. “I know there’s that big debate on the web cartoonists… I know they make their living and all that. You’d have to prove it to me… Someone has figured out how to do it on the web… I’d like to, you know, see how… I don’t see anyone doing it on the web, at least not yet…”

    You’ve obviously never heard of Penny Arcade. They only publish three times a week, and they’re consistently funny. These guys even run a charity, Child’s Play, that’s raised over $3.5 million in donated toys for sick kids. That’s a pretty significant accomplishment in itself, but even more so for a strip that appeals to a very specific audience (presumably much narrower than what Pearls is exposed to). I’m not trying to be antagonistic, I actually like your strip quite a bit. But let’s be real here: print journalism is dead, like it or not. Personally, I think it’s a good thing for both the artist and the reader when there’s nothing in between. The great thing about reading comics on the web is you don’t have to suffer through all the rest of the subjective garbage, the sensational journalism, the endless trivial puff pieces. The fourth estate sucks, in print or online, and you shouldn’t feel obligated to support it just because you share a common media.

  17. I loved your Sunday comic about Yiayia. Our Yiayia died this year and we miss her very much.

  18. This is too funny. Especially the part about him having a “wife”. He must draw her.

  19. hello mr. pastis im 9 years old i need some comedy advice and you are the most comedic person i know please!!!! tell me your secret. ps. i also want to know if you have a fan club if not i can get one started (maybe) i love your work Chase.

  20. I listened to the interview, and you said you’d love to have Clint Eastwood as the duck… DO IT!!! When you first posted that you were looking for voices for characters I suggested Clint Eastwood and James Earl Jones. Clint would be the ultimate Duck. James Earl Jones just has the greatest voice of all time… cast him for the whale… In conclusion: CLINT FREAKIN’ EASTWOOD!!!

  21. I’m reading this blog approx 11 months after it was posted. Is it possible to still link to the interview?

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