My Attractiveness at Airports

I have to fly to L.A. on Thursday.  And this brings up an issue.

I never once have been asked out by a woman working the security line at an airport.  They always just stare blankly at me.  Sometimes there is a twinge of sadness in their eye.

And now I know why.

10 thoughts on “My Attractiveness at Airports

  1. Okay, we all know you’re on your way to Hollywierd to go to some comic-strip artists oscar-equivalent thingamabob… I hope you do realize, after all your habitual trashing of other strips–you may be met by a mob of pissed-off, pitch-fork, rock and rotten tomato toting comic-strip artists…

    Just a heads-up.

  2. I’d so would volunteer to be on Pastis’ security detail . . . somehow protecting a guy who probably wouldn’t care if I took a hit in the line of duty seems oddly satisfying . . . .

    Best of luck and fun at the Reubens!

  3. “She added that the long-term goal is not to see more of people, but rather to advance the technology so that the human image is like a stick-figure and any anomalies are auto-detected and highlighted.”

    I for one do not want any of my anomalies highlighted. LOL

  4. I think they give you more than a wink, Stephan. The God I know would not create a face like yours and no package to back it up with.

  5. I always smile at those folks. Always, always. No joking (because everything you say can & will be used against you), just a smile. I imagine they don’t have a lot of opportunities to smile. Nine times out of ten, they smile back at me.

    But then…I *am* a Princess.

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