Introducing The Pearls Roadster

Just in time for the new 2010 line of cars, I’d like to introduce…

…the Pearls Roadster:


Well, they’re not in commercial production. Yet.

But this Pearls fan in Colorado made one for himself.

Here’s the view from the back, where I see he’s even got Danny Donkey and Snuffles on there.


And for bonus points, he’s even got the four Pearls plush ready to be blown away by some huge stereo woofers.


If you can top this man for sheer Pearls-devotion, send along the photos and I’ll post them here.  Provided they’re clean.  And you don’t tattoo anything on your baby’s forehead.

21 thoughts on “Introducing The Pearls Roadster

  1. What a kickass idea.. Looks real good.. The car isn’t so bad either..

  2. That is awesome! And the characters’ bulging eyes just add to the effect of being so close to those speakers!

  3. Wow, that is cool. Talk about devotion. Maybe I’ll get a tattoo of The Brudderhood of Zeeba Zeeba Eata and send you a pic. That might beat a car, don’t you think?

  4. I think the car is awesome!!
    Yet another “extreme” from the state of Colorado!!
    Let the pearl’ympics begin!

    *(note: I think in the future, you should blur the license plate to protect people’s privacy, just my opinion)

  5. SWEET!!! nice set of wheels! Maybe Stephen you can convince “Hot Wheels” to make a miniture car just like it to sell with the plushies!! Could be a money-making idea!!

  6. Oh…I was so going to post my pic until you threw in that stuff about the baby’s forehead…dang it

  7. Freakin’ nice!!!! Love the car…but then us Colorado fans are on the cutting edge! Not even close to being a scary fan! Steve, you and this fan great!

  8. The car is cool. Way better than those NASCAR tribute cars some dorks in my small town drive. Just because you drive a car like Tony Stewart or Dale Jr drive, it doesn’t mean you are them. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, Pearls car is cool.

  9. Looking at this I think Guard Duck is going to become my P47-D noseart when playing IL-2 online

  10. “And you don’t tattoo anything on your baby’s forehead.”


    Too late.

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