I Amuse Only Myself

Yesterday, I did our weekly grocery shopping.

As the Safeway clerk handed me my receipt, she asked, “Would like to contribute money for breast cancer?”

I said, “No.  I’m against breast cancer.”

She just stared.

I think my humor is lost on Safeway grocery clerks.

I’m a Book-Signing Fool

Hey, for those of you interested, I just walked into my local Copperfields bookstore here in Santa Rosa and signed a bunch of books I found on the shelf.  I should mention that they were all Pearls books, although I was tempted to sign a few Get Fuzzy’s.  I also drew Rat or Pig in each.  So if you’re interested, you can call the bookstore and order them, and they’ll ship them to you for a small charge.  Phone is 707-578-8938.

UPDATE as of April 2:  Thanks to those of you who have let me know that the bookstore ran out of signed copies.  So I’ve called the bookstore and asked them to order more.  I’ll go in and sign them next week.  So those of you who weren’t able to get one, call and they’ll put you on the list for one of them.