The Triumph of the Donkey

After much soul-searching and vote counting, it looks like the fourth new plush will be…..Envelope please….

Mr. Danny Donkey.


By the way, it’s interesting, because each time we turn one of these characters into a plush, I have to provide the plush manufacturer with what they call “turnarounds” for the characters.  This is a drawing of the character from multiple angles.

This is always a  struggle for me since I generally only draw my characters from one or two angles (and almost never from the rear or the side, as the manufacturer needs).

But anyways, here is what I sent them for Danny.  In my notes, you will see the great confidence I have in my multi-angle drawing ability:


And here is what I had sent them earlier for Guard Duck:

duck-turnarounds1Thanks to everyone who helped me pick the four new characters, which will now officially be Guard Duck, Goat, Snuffles the cat, and Danny Donkey.

They will  join Rat, Pig, Zebra and Larry the Croc, which you can buy at any local store that sells plush or online here or if you prefer Amazon, here.

P.S.  And thanks to all of you that voted for the Stephan plush doll.  While I, too, share your preference, there seems to be little demand for dolls of middle-aged guys with goatees.  Curse this cruel world.

61 thoughts on “The Triumph of the Donkey

  1. Danny Donkey is joining me in my Biglaw cell. Er… Office. Keep living the dream, Stephan, and thanks for Danny! 🙂

  2. Great picks for the plush, I can’t wait to see them. By the way, love the drawings. I in particular like that you are trying to get Guard Duck a hand grenade.

  3. Geez, you draw pretty well. Ever thought of trying to do that for a living? (Nah, now that I think about it, it probably doesn’t pay very well.)

  4. I will take full credit for this, as my promise to buy more Danny Donkeys than all of the other contenders that other people promised to buy. You can thank me right here.

  5. Oh, forgot to mention, I take cash, check, and your roommate/brother’s credit card.

  6. I never truly paid attention to every detail. This is quite an interesting look at the characters’ details.

  7. Thank you for sharing these turnarounds. It’s great to see things like this a get a little insight into what goes into the making of products like this. Plus I like all the side-notes. If they balk on giving Guard Duck a cigarette, tell them it can be a “candy cigarette”

  8. The Pastis plush can be in the third set d:

    I was generally wondering myself on what you thought of the plush’s multiviewed characteristics, especially characters like Rat. Nice to see it still all comes back to you.

    Definitely need to enforce a beer can for Danny D. Without it, oy . . . it just wouldn’t be the same.

    PS — Seen today’s LIO comic? d:

  9. Snuffles shouldn’t be too hard to draw out, I should hope.

    Also, super excited about GD!

  10. Hey-

    I love your comic and read it whenever I can, but I wanted to tell you that Friday’s strip was probably my favorite of all time. I laughed aloud, then I felt a little bit sad.

    Touche, Mr. Pastis.

  11. Oh the unfairness of it all! Plenty of Homer Simpson paraphernalia exists and sells. No goatee, but he’s bald and yellow! I mean, come on!

  12. PLEASE make Danny Donkey able to talk. He needs to say, “I rob liquor stores” (even though it’s not exactly child-appropriate). At the very least, I’d cut open his hand and put one of those little voice recorders in.

  13. The world awaits with bated breath.

    Congrats on the expansion, I can’t wait to get my grubby hands on those.

    By any chance, are Aurora products available in any stores in Singapore?

    I can’t wait for the next expansion. May the coffers overflow.

    P.S. Mr Mark T did a absolutely brilliant strip today. Any chance of Guard Dark joining Lio’s quest in eliminating duck hunters? AFLAC.


  14. Whoops. Made a major typo.

    Guard Duck*. Hah, must be the tiredness settling in.

    Will be starting my attachment with Singapore’s Time Publishing Limited in a few hours, would be absolutely fabulous if there’s a partnership between Andrews-Mcmeel and them.

    Can’t imagine how much seeing Pearls Before Swine merchandise would cheer me up day after day at work.


  15. I would buy a Stephan doll and have a Rat doll stare at it accusingly.
    Also, you misspelled ‘cheeks’ in the Danny Donkey drawing.

  16. Yay for guard duck!!! My favorite character.

    Best Characters
    #1 Guard Duck
    #2 Snuffles
    #3 Danny Donkey
    #4 Junior
    #5 Andy
    #6 Larry

  17. I vote for the Guard Duck RPG accessory. I totally want to build a duck-sized foxhole labeled “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.”

  18. seriously? danny donkey? i was reading the comments in the last blog (yes, i have no life) and it seems like zeeba zeeba eata croc is wayyy more popular than the donkey…i hope they put a grenade on guard duck

    i want Toby the Agoraphobic Turtle *sob*

  19. I hate to tell you this … Donkeys do not have cloven hoofs.

    Cows and goats and sheep have cloven hoofs, Horses , zebras and Donkeys have round hoofs.

    Perhaps donkey has them done at a nail shop somewhere. To look badass. Or something.

  20. I’d say, don’t let them eliminate the cigarette. It may not be PC (and I’m a non-smoker), but it’s an important part of the Guard Duck’s persona.

  21. “P.S. And thanks to all of you that voted for the Stephan plush doll. While I, too, share your preference, there seems to be little demand for dolls of middle-aged guys with goatees. Curse this cruel world.”

    hey, don’t feel bad. _everything_ is _somebody’s_ fetish.

  22. I’m so happy for Danny Donkey. My favorite Pooh character has always been Eeyore, who is a donkey. And my husband’s name is Danny. Only he’s not a drunk nor does he hate everyone and everything. But I still like the combonation of two things I love.

  23. If you were ever going to make a plushie that talked he’d would be the one. Pull his string and he’d say something politically incorrect each time. You could probably voice him too.

  24. I’m still a little disappointed that Farina didn’t make the cut. Maybe next time there’ll be some of the lady characters….

    Also, no love for Hobart, the mini train engineer. He could be done in Actual Size!!!

  25. cloven hoofs? pig-snout? Is Donkey a result of some crazy genetic experiment? Shouldn’t he look more like zeebra than pig?

  26. Those plushie makers better keep the cigarette on Guard Duck… It’s just not Guard Duck without him smoking. (I can’t say anything about Danny Donkey’s beer ’cause my paper doesn’t pick up the sunday strips.)

  27. Oh, and I forgot to say something positive!
    Guard Duck looks great! (I’d go with the grenade, he has a certain WW-2 air about him.)

  28. Hmm…Danny Donkey with no beer can??? Guard Duck with no cigarette???

    C’mon, plushie makers — this is what makes these characters hilarious. Obviously, these are more for the older crowd than for kids.

    Good call, Stephan on Danny Donkey. You already have a few crocs. Seemed kinda redundant to do a generic ZZE Croc, particularly since Larry seems to be the main croc you use anymore.

  29. Oh, what about Six-Inch Susie? (I think that’s what she’s called). That could also be in life-sized!

  30. There should be more apes in pearls, everything gets better with apes (it’s a well know fact, or it should be at least). Not a poo-flinging monkey though–they are lame. Apes are sophisticated animals (beings) with hidden powers, kind of like jedi-knights, but better. Anyway, perhaps such beings don’t fit in well with the rest of the strip, but it might be something worth thinking about.

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  32. Youd probably sell more of these if you made a deal with Keane and had a plush of your interpretation old Jeffy or Dolly. Id buy that for a dollar.

  33. HA JAKE! i just googled it it was funny the LIO FEAT!

    i still think u should do pigs girlfriend she deserves it!!!

  34. Oh noes! Now there will be Danny Donkies everywhere coming to life and robbing liquor stores!! And lil Guard Ducks all over the place and rasing hell!

    But in all seriousness, I don’t know Stephan…I don’t think the idea of a Duck smoking a a Donkey drinking beer is going to go very far. Even if the strip isn’t really ment for young kids, I can still imagine parents going up and arms on the idea, saying the toys encourage young kids to smoke and drink. Then they will be asking for the stuffed toys to be banned (and i don’t want that!! I want my own Guard Duck!!!) If this was Japan or some other country but the US, I can see them getting away with the idea with ease. Parents today go nuts over some of the dumbest things sometimes….

    …I hope they will give Guard Duck somekind of weapon at least. If they don’t, i’ll make one/find one for him. ^^

  35. I was just about to buy all available PBS plushies and then I began to wonder – where are they made? I am not advocating this view to anyone, but I personally object to things made cheaply in China because I am now afraid of them due to all of the melamine related deaths.

  36. Oh, Geez, Chinaguy, you going to eat off it? They opress and murder their people and you’re worried about malamine?

    Danny Donkey’s not my favorite), but I love the beer can. Won’t happen, anymore than guard duck’s cigarette; but, when I buy mine, I’ll print one up to put in his hand. Anyone know where I can get an image of a missile-launcher?

    No Stephan Pastis doll. Ken was never truly appreciated.

  37. great! I have t-shirts and I will have plushes.
    now, where can I buy a huge black background danny donkey
    sticker to put on my laptop?
    the only sticker that’d be worth of that 🙂

  38. Itd be awesome if there was a farina doll you could put it in like a hamster ball or something or an alphonse doll

  39. Yes! Finally!
    I just found this blog- but Guard Duck plush has been on my Pearls Plush Wishlist forEVAH.
    Can’t Wait!
    (Hope they choose the gun.)

  40. My Wife just loves Danny Donkey. She’s even made up a voice for him and goes around saying stuff like “stoopid people!” I have just got to get a Danny Donkey plush for her. Where do you get them?

  41. What ever happened to the Danny The Donkey plush doll? This post is over 2 years old and still not available (or if they are I can’t find them). Please let us know if this item will be available and when. If you require pre-orders, let us know.. Your fans await.
    Thank you for making the ONLY comic I read on a daily basis.

  42. I agree, I too have been waiting to purchase Danny the Donkey. Plus I think we need to see more Danny the Donkey comix

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  44. Pingback: Stereotypes - Fact or Fiction - The Unexpected Traveller

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