And The Plushie Goes To…

Hey, thank you to everyone who helped vote for the next four Pearls plush characters.  According to my tally, Snuffles the Cat is comfortably in first place, followed by Goat and Guard Duck.   So those three are easy choices.  The last one is a toss-up between Danny Donkey and a Zeeba Zeeba Eata Croc (complete with frat sweater, and if I’m lucky, beer in hand).  So I still have to think about that last one.   But thank you for all of your input.  I’ll pass it on the plush manufacturer’s, Aurora.


47 thoughts on “And The Plushie Goes To…

  1. I think your put on “we need a female plush” was right. I think Pigita would look great, if they’re able to pack it with the bubble. One could go on bouncing her around the house. Wicked.

  2. down the road, consider a orca plushie…It did get you to invent “undied”.

  3. Somebody mentioned the Vikings in another post. Maybe you could have Vikings as little plastic toy soldiers instead of as plushies. That would give Pig something to play with.

  4. I really hope the Zeeba Zeeba Eata croc wins out as they are definitely my favorite characters. I can’t wait til Valentine’s next year because that croc is fantastic with his “Be My Fud” heart.

  5. I bought the first set, I’ll certainly buy the second set 🙂 Shoot, if one will be a ZZE Croc with a beer, I think I’ll get four . . . One as Frank, one as Bob, one as Fred, one as Jojo . . . and if I REALLY wanted to splurge, maybe a Biff (I’ll need a chain though)

    Guard Duck, Goat, and Snuffles . . . that’s going to be AWESOME!!!

    Keep ’em coming, Pastis & Aurora . . . I’ll buy so long as I have the cash to do so!!

  6. Definitely, Zeeba Zeeba Eata Croc or any of the Fantastical Four. My husband is a big fan. For his sake, peeese U no keel fantastical four. Peeese….

  7. All I know that with Pig and Rat so far at my house they show up everywhere! Driving my car, in my underwear drawer, hiding in the fridge….even found them drunk on the dining room table….my husband says they are out of control! Guard Duck and Snuffles……..IT shall be interesting!! Too bad I can’t post pictures!!!

  8. ZZE Croc with Beer! I’ll pre-order one right now.

    How did your wife like her birthday cake??

  9. Thats easy, the Zeeba Zeeba Eata croc. The crocs are too good! Anybody knw where I will be able to get one? I need a guard duck!

  10. Guard Duck, Snuffles, and Goat! ALLRIGHTY!

    For the last one, you HAVE to have Danny Donkey! You just HAVE to! My mom LOVES him!!! (He’d make a GREAT gift!)

  11. Thanks so much for making these plush characters available to the public! These would make perfect gifts for two of my bosses, both of whom make it a point to show me their favorite Pearls strip every few days (not realizing I already get the daily strips in my email inbox…I don’t have the heart to tell them).

  12. ZZE croc…although i wanted to suggest putting Toby the Agoraphobic Turtle for a choice (with retractable head and beer funnel in hand) i believe that it might’ve been a popular choice

  13. I would consider a graduation plushie, you know with mortar hat and gown. Maybe the ZZE croc with open robe revealing ZZE shirt and beer in hand. It would sell a million on college campuses.

  14. Must have the ZZE croc, complete with beer in hand, and the garden gnome wall plaque to show off his “conquests” of being a predator. 😛

  15. Since it was one of my original suggestions, I’m going to have to stick with the ZZE Croc. My question is: Why doesn’t Aurora just make one of each of every body? Nobody would be disappointed that his or her choice was overlooked, and you and Aurora would be rolling in it (trust me, you would). Toss THAT up and see how far it flies.

  16. You should definetly do a Danny Donkey…also, have you considered one of pigs Vikings as a plush? I’d definetly buy that.

  17. NO! you need to get DANNY DONKEY. i look forward to sunday for danny donkey! if you have to make croc make dorrstoppo. hes by far my favorite!

  18. Hey Stephan,
    Ignore these fools. I will buy more Danny Donkey plushies than the sum of all of the frat crocs, etc. that the others claim that they’ll buy. And you can trust me, I’m not a Nigerian Prince or any other associate of Snuffles the Cat.

  19. Oh, definitely you should do Guard Duck, but after him, do Snuffles. But Guard Duck first–he needs a little pick-me-up after all that he’s been through!

  20. Excuse me Mr. Pastis,

    This is slightly off topic, but I have a cartoon in mind relevant to the following entry on John Scalzi’s blog (he’s a science fiction author):

    The one with goth Pig and his iPod selection from a couple months back now. It’s no longer online, but I figured you might be able to point him at a copy somewhere.


  21. I think the Anxieteers would make great cubicle decor.

    Or how about outfits for the existing plushies? Rat’s had some great looks.

  22. I definitely vote for the ZZE croc.

    > down the road, consider a orca plushie…It did get you to invent “undied”.

    I whole-heartedly second that. Definitely love the orca.

  23. Snuffles (Snuffles is high-larious)! Zeeba Zeeba Eata Croc > Danny.

    PS. My day was horrible until I saw a package at the doorstep~ My signed Saturday Evening Pearls!! Super excited, thank you very much for drawing Rat!

  24. I am dying for a Danny Donkey plush. It would be awesome if it could talk, too. “I rob liquor stores. I rob liquor stores.”

  25. If not a plushie, please consider some Danny Donkey ‘motivational’ posters. My cubical is in dire need of some butt-kickery, as are most of my co-workers.

  26. Make that poor dog in the yard chained to the pole! (Biff, I think… something like that). In fact, what about putting him in the hamster ball when it was raining in that one strip!!

  27. Goody. A cat with fur like that is just naturally a stuffed animal candidate.

  28. I agree w/ abbie. I really want that “Be my Fud” croc. ZZE w/ beer would be a great companion plush.

  29. How ’bout Rat’s Box o’ Supid People? I would love to give that to some of the idiots I know.
    I like the idea of a graduation themed ZZE croc. I’m graduating in May, and would love to get one of those.

  30. You totally need to make Farina. She’d be in her bubble, and she’d be more like a beach ball than a plushie, Lolz.

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