Five Favorite Albums of All Time

Just picked my five favorite albums of all time on my Facebook page.  Hard to limit it to just five though.

Here is one of them.


For the rest, just go to my Facebook page here:

If you’re not already my friend, just send me a friend request, and I’ll approve it.  Unless you’re that Safeway clerk.  She’s out.

Agree on the five?  Disagree?  What are yours?

28 thoughts on “Five Favorite Albums of All Time

  1. my top 5 albums of all time are

    nine inch nails – the downward spiral
    metallica – master of puppets
    steve via – fire garden
    the ramones- the ramones
    isabelles gift – Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms

  2. Please make Snuffles the cat in plush – It is a no-brainer – what kitty isn’t basically plushy?
    (except those odd little hairless creatures -but they aren’t really cats – they’re large hairless voles, I think.

  3. Maybe I’m Facebook dumb but I have no idea where this top 5 album list is. A little help?

    Also it would be impossible for me to pick because I like too many different types of music and my tastes change constantly.

  4. You telling us we can friend you doesn’t make it any less stalkery. You have almost 2,000 friends, so we won’t feel very special. =p

  5. You’re right, this is definitely hard to do. I’m limiting the list to one album per artist/group:

    Darkness on the Edge of Town – Bruce Springsteen
    London Calling – The Clash
    Yield – Pearl Jam
    Appetite For Destruction – Guns N Roses
    Achtung Baby – U2

    Since I also love the album you mentioned above, I’m curious to see the other four (after you approve my friend request).

  6. I’ve sent a Friend request so that I can see the others, but I agree with this one.

    Love the strip and all that, yadda yadda. 😉

  7. The Joshua Tree is life on a CD, as far as I’m concerned. The others on your list are buried too far down your Wall for me to find.

  8. Excellent choice with “The Joshua Tree”. I have a huge poster of it framed and hanging in my apt, and it’s one my favorite pieces of U2 memorabilia.

  9. no comments yet?
    here are my top 5 albums then:

    thick as a brick – jethro tull
    physical grafitty – led zeppelin
    patchanka – mano negra
    wheels of fire – cream
    forever changes – love

  10. Even w/o looking at the others this one is RIGHT on. It too is one of my all time fav’s and one of the first CD’s i had.

  11. Check your Head – Beastie Boys
    Think Tank – Blur
    Trainspotting Soundtrack
    Blue Train – Coltrane
    yes, Virginia – Dresden Dolls

  12. While you’re at it which albums would be the favorites of Rat, Pig, Zeebra, Goat and the crocs?

  13. Sadly I don’t have a facebook account, but now I feel tempted more than ever to get one…

    As for my favorite albums, boy talk about a tough pick, theres at least 25 I love the most. But for this I decided to narrow it down to 5 of the ones that give me the most inspiration when I’m looking for ideas, and one from each of the types of music I usually listen to the most (mainstream American music, gothic metal, new age, industrial, and anime soundtracks)

    >Evanescence – Fallen
    >Within Temptation – The Silent Force
    >Enigma – The Screen Behind the Mirror
    >Zeromancer – Clone Your Lover (or) The Birthday Massacre – Walking With Strangers
    >Tsubasa Chronicle soundtrack 1 (or) Code Geass R2 soundtrack 1

    and yes, I have very strange taste in music, i’ll admit it….

  14. I used to think Stephan Pastis was some sort of deity until I learned he actually likes U2. This is a sad day for America.

  15. Probably too late, but:

    1. Nada Surf, “The Proximity Effect”
    2. Buffalo Tom, “Big Red Letter Day”
    3. Harvey Danger, “King James Version”
    4. Various Artists, “Nuggets, Vol. 1: The Hits”
    5. Antônio Carlos Jobim, “Wave”

  16. Hmm, I could just name five Queen albums and be done, but to keep it interesting I’ll say:

    1. Sheer Heart Attack – Queen
    2. Love is for Suckers – Twisted Sister
    3. John Denver’s Grtst Hits II (Yes, I like him too)
    4. Day at the Races – Queen
    5. Baron Rojo – Baron Rojo (Spanish metal band)

  17. 1 Beatles white album
    2. Bob Dylan- Blood on the tracks
    3. Bruce Springsteen-Born to Run
    4. The Clash-London Calling
    5. Rolling Stones-Exile on Main Street

  18. How do I see the list? My friend request went through, and, uhm, I can’t find anything.

    (Oh, yeah: Zooropa is the best U2 album.)

  19. 1. Green Day- American Idiot
    2. My Chemical Romance- The Black Parade
    3. The Beatles- The White Album
    4. Traveling Wilburys- Volume 3
    5. The Blue Van- Man Up

  20. I must say Joshua Tree is not only my favorite U2 album but also one of my favorite albums of all time, as well. Excellent choice! Hey, when are you going to join Twitter??

  21. so i was driven to a google-search by my cynic vegan neighbor, aged like a Bordeaux but only 38 and change; she keeps calling me “Hey-you-rat,…,” “Mi san thrope (high pitched), and “AW-you-pig!” when I turn my cheek, and, upon seeing her dressed in yellow (I walk daily around the block) and ready to pounce, a mouthful of snuff juice fills her mailbox while I lick my chops and drool on my Ted Nugent tee before walking away.

    so, after googlelizing such names, this time driven by curiosity–clicking the present site, i’ve wasted Mum’s Day reading posts.
    she’s gonna be PO’d when my “special home-made seafood” porn is a fish ‘combo plate’ from Garcia the Butcher – Meats, Offals & Fish Co., Inc.


    thus, I learned three things;
    A)the definition of the word MISANTHROPE (spent ESOL Class with my eyes twirling inside the missis’skirt) B)susie, my neighbor, is an oxyMORON; C)and so is stephan, but M-to the-N in miniscule. 1. he listens to U2; the edge? 2. he claims but fails, to correctly imply his main character’s Anonymous-meeting title reign. first rule of Pearls: steph, not the Cartoonist, is Pig–not you-know-who.

    oh, yeah, here’s my favorite songs list, for listening to an album is like a broken record:

    1. Reel Around the Fountain – The Smiths
    2. Rainbow in the Dark – Dio(ronnie james)
    3. The Whisky Song – The Doors
    4. Your Song – Sir elton john
    5. I’m The man – Antrax
    6. Ordinary World – Duran Duran
    7. (Anything by Luther Vandross)
    8. 38 – The Revolting Cocks
    9. La Copa Rota – Jose Feliciano

    i really has got to lay off the hooch. This is fun. whoo hoo!

  22. Accepting friend requests on facebook from your blog followers seems risky. This observation has not prevented me from sending you a friend request.

  23. 1. The Best of 1980-1990 – U2
    2. Achtung Baby – U2
    3. Boy- U2
    4. The Unforgettable Fire-U2
    5. The Joshua Tree – U2

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