You Are Now in Control

Hey, the good folk at Aurora want to make 4 more Pearls characters in plush!   So I need your help.

The first will definitely be Guard Duck.  And he’ll be carrying a grenade.


But the next three are up to you.  I have a few candidates:  Goat, Danny Donkey, Snuffles the Cat.




Or maybe Maura (Guard Duck’s girlfriend), Patty (Larry’s wife), or Pig’s girlfriend Pigita.   I’m conscious of the fact that I should probably have a female in the mix, so one of these might be good.

Or maybe one of the lions, or a Zeeba Zeeba Eata croc complete with fraternity sweater (and viking helmet?).


So send me your suggestions!  You are officially in control.

206 thoughts on “You Are Now in Control

  1. Snuffles the cat of course! Then you can release a world domination 2 pack of Guard Duck & Snuffles.

  2. The danny donkey is great, so is goat. For the females, pigita is good. The croc is also a good idea

  3. My favorites would be Goat and Danny Donkey (they’re obvious additions).
    Another Croc would be a nice addition but that probably rules out Patty – too many crocs.
    I don’t think Maura’ll work, so that leaves Pigita – she’s also senior compared to the other girls.

    I’m most happy about Guard Duck though, I consider him to be somewhat of my alter ego.

  4. Simply on the basis of which would make the best plush, I’ve gotta go with Snuffles as my top choice for the remaining three slots. Plus … everyone knows Snuffles is diabolical, and I think a lot of people want that characteristic in a plush doll.

    One would think Goat would be a good one to add to the mix, since he appears in the strip so often, but because he’s typically the “straight man,” I don’t think anybody’s gonna see his doll and be like, “Oh man, I really want GOAT!”

    So, my remaining two votes go to Patty and a Zeeba Zeeba Eata croc.

  5. Goat for being around for more time than the others
    Definitely Snuggles and an Hyena and a Lion (so we can collect the “predators’ pack” or wtv)

  6. I’d have to say that, after the past couple days, Patty would be my choice. But I’m totally biased toward the crocs anyway. So, second choice obviously would be a Zeeba Zeeba Eata croc.

  7. please do maura for guard duck and pigita for pig. i love the PBS romances.

    ps. guard duck should have a bazooka instead of a grenade.

  8. Make plushes of them all.
    You can’t afford to skimp on the magic of Pearls.

    If I had to choose, though, I’d say: Guard Duck, Snuffles, ZZE Croc, and Danny Donkey.

  9. Since the inmates have finally taken control of the asylum, here are my suggestions.

    Maura for sure….What’s LGD without his Maura.

    Pigita to go with Pig.

    And Snuffles, just so we can keep an eye on him.


    Personally I’m not crazy about Patty, it’s a hair thing, not sure how she would looked stuffed.

    The Crock Frat, nawwww, that would just be dressing up Larry…HEY why not do a line of clothing for all the characters, it’s good enough for Barbie! *LOL*

    Gotta go think some more … wonder how much wine it will take? 😉

  10. Snuffles is a given. You can never have too many crocs — so my other two votes go to Patty and a ZZE croc… especially if he comes complete with the viking hat. 🙂

  11. Danny Donkey has given me more joy than any other single character; although, saying that, I realize I have to give rat some credit.

    Also Pigita would be nice.

    But frankly, the only one I care about owning is Danny Donkey.

  12. I vote for: (in order) Snuffles, Maura, and then a ZZE croc. Would the snuffles plushy be all soft and fluffy? That would be awesome.

  13. GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Goat is a mainstay for the comic, kind of like a part of the main cast. The others are supporting cast. I love the Goat comics. He’s so different from the other characters and adds so much.

    Please, please, please pick Goat!

  14. Guard Duck….for sure. Snuffles must have…Goat and Danny Donkey….The others I’m on the fence. These other guys are too freakin’ funny!

  15. GOAT! He’s my first choice. I am the person that would say “Oh man, I really want GOAT!” He’s definitely one of my favorites overall.

    Any chance of a bigger Zebra? He looks so tiny compared to my others.

  16. Goat, definitely. Snuffles is amazing, please choose him! And Danny the Donkey needs to be in there. I must have them!!!! Or else…

  17. well you obviously need goat. he IS one of the main characters. guard duck, FUNNY! the grenade just tops it off of course. third would be pigita just to have a female in the mix. and finally, probably going with danny donkey because he makes me laugh sooo hard. you should make him talk and say cute little things like “i rob liquor stores, i rob liquor stores.” kust kidding though, i dont know i think maybe moms would be uncomfortable buying there kids a plush thats promotes “drinking booze to forget your problems” lol

  18. Goat, Snuffles, and Danny Donkey, I think. I was surprised when the first versions did not include Goat, because he’s one of the main characters. But I was happy that they had Zebra, and Zebra is cooler than Goat.

  19. Goat and Danny Donkey HAVE to be there. I would buy them IMMEDIATLEY! The third could be either patti or snuffles, but i can’t decide.

  20. Definitely Goat. He is part of the original 4, and would complete the set. Then you should have Snuffles, because he is popular and recognizable. Then go with an angry pigita, or an angry patty. Maybe pigita could have an empty syrup bottle in her hand…. heh heh

  21. Guard Duck, Snuffles and Goat for sure.

    To fit with that genre of animals, the sea anemone would be neat. Since there are alternate crocodiles under consideration, perhaps an alternate rat holding a baseball bat, or some other implement of his of his for beaning morons.

  22. I would ADORE a Snuffles toy. Just the drawing makes me want to pet it.

  23. YAY Guard Duck!! As for my three suggestions:

    Goat for sure, either Patty/a Frat Croc, and maybe Snuffles. but I’m going to have to suggest Andy (with dog collar & leash to boot).

    Shoot, whatever’s fine with me. I’ll just keep buying them and Aurora will just get more cash and want to make more characters 😀

  24. Love the suggestion to have you as a character, and you could also consider Rat’s X-mas tree girlfriend.

    …too bad you can’t put in Family Circus’s Billy…

  25. Snuffles for sure! He just looks so fluffy, he’d make a great plushie!
    For the girls Maura, to go with Guard Duck 😀

  26. I think you definitely have to go with Goat since he is one of the 4 original characters. Besides that, I would say another Croc (since they’re so popular) and Pigita.

  27. One of them must be Snuffles the Cat. You can give it to your nieces, and they will be blissfully unaware of how bad this cat really is. They will say “Awwww, this is soooo cute. Thank you.”

    It’s just too bad it isn’t alive.

    My other choice is Goat.

  28. I would personally buy Snuffles!! And to whoever said Farina, thats a really good idea, COMPLETE WITH PLASTIC BUBBLE!!! (then a little Dilbert doll that can come in and out :P)

  29. I suppose Toby the beer guzzling turtle (i think that was his name) may not be the best candidate for a plush toy… but i agree definately Guard Duck and Snuffles and you’ve got to have Goat. Poor guy. All left out.

    What about the Killer Whale? Or Larry’s son? and Zebra’s niece?

    Farina in her bubble
    Zeeba Croc with Frat sweater
    The anxieteers!!! please!!! Wouldn’t it be appropriate to have those in bed with you?

  31. GOAT!!!!!
    and another suggestion, could we have one of the comic creator whom rat bashes occasionally 😀

  32. How about one of the random Greek characters that occasionally pop up in the strip?

  33. Why not use Staci, your wife? or Dickie the Cockroach? That would be fun 🙂
    and Farina in the bubble…

  34. Goat is a main character, has to be there, as does Guard Duck.

    I wouldn’t put a female in the mix just for the sake of having a female in the mix. So I think I’d go with Danny Donkey for the third, and for the fourth, I think there should be a Pastis plush. You’re in the strip often enough. Failing that, Snuffles.

    And then get another three done for Maura, Patty, and Pigita.

  35. Gotta do Snuffles — love the idea of a “World Domination” twin pack with Guard Duck!! XLNT

    I’d like to see Goat as he’s an original and it may be interesting to see Pigita in pink plush …

  36. Well, definitely Snuffles. But you have to be careful, cause it will result in one of the cutest toys out-there and we don’t want that, don’t we…

  37. Snuffles!!!!!

    Guard duck is a definite winner, too. I like the idea of the “world domination” pack…

  38. I’d like to see Farina in the list, for whatever warped reason it popped into my head. Otherwise, I like Goat, Danny Donkey and Snuffles. Though Snuffles would probably run off with my hidden cache of treasure…

  39. I’m throwing my vote in for Snuffles as well. He would be really cute and fluffy!

  40. Goat, Snuffles, and ZZE get my choice. Can they somehow make a plush out of the End of the World box? That would be awesome!

  41. These are my suggestions:
    Zeeba Zeeba Frat Croc

    If possible, Snuffles should be able to meow and hiss, depending on where you touch him, And the Frat Croc should come with the Zeeba Zeeba Eata Frat House.
    If there’s an Alternate Rat, he should come with the “Super Stick o’ Smartness”.

    That’s what I would do, and if you dismiss my suggestions, me keel you ded, and eat you hed!

  42. Snuffles, Goat and I loved the suggestion of YOU!! That way when you do your really bad puns, we can pick you up and beat your head and not have to worry about going to jail!! Oh man, rat is really rubbing off on me.

  43. Definitely a vote for Guard Duck and Maura. And Danny Donkey. Another Croc (with viking hat) would be cool, too.

  44. As has been suggested ad naseum, Snuffles is an obvious choice. The Guard Duck & Snuffles special edition 2 pack (complete with a stuffed ICBM), would definitely sell like hotcakes.
    A fully-decked out ZZE croc would also fly off the shelves and into frathouses and bachelor pads everywhere, so that’s a given as well.
    The final choice is tough. If you want to throw a girl in, however, then how about the Rat’s Christmas Tree girl? I’d stick with Danny Donkey, however.

  45. Pastis! In terms of pure marketing, Pigita and Snuffles. BUT in terms of freakish weirdness and quirk, Danny Donkey. Oh yeah.

  46. I like the kitty. Make the kitty!!!! How can you have guard duck without the kitty to go on a black-op?


  47. SNUFFLES!!! I love Snuffles. And I know my husband would love one of the turtles, if that is possible. I also support the idea of a YOU stuffie. But I actually don’t like the donkey, so I’m throwing in a vote against him.

    Guard-Duck Guard-Duck Guard-Duck Guard-Duck!

    Maura broke Guard-duck’s heart, she doesn’t deserve plushdom. And Snuffles is so freakin’ cute…. (yet evil)…. Guard duck & Snuffles indeed! They’re my favs. I’d buy them immediately.

  49. What about “Bicky, the Quasi-Copyright Infringing Cat”? I don’t think Darby would mind and you might as well cash in on another segment of comic readers…

    Seriously, I’d love to see a Snuffles plush.

  50. Angry Bob and Danny Donkey get my vote.

    I like the crocs best so Zeeba Zeeba Eata croc would be extra cool!

  51. You could also create a set of stupid people and have them come in a box….well you could….

  52. Suggestions:

    1) Guard Duck
    2) Goat
    3) Danny Donkey (complete with string you can pull to get him to talk)
    4) What about Farina in her plastic bubble?

  53. Oh and if you ever do action figures, you should include Hobart the six inch tall train engineer… he’d come in actual size. 😀

  54. For the female character I think Patty would be my favorite choice, I totally want a Patty plush doll.

  55. Snuffles is a must! I have all his strips plastered up in my cube at work (though without the express written consent of Mr. Pastis so maybe I shouldn’t be advertising that).

    And of course, Goat is a mainstay of strip and therefore must has his moment plush glory.

  56. Pigita (in the plastic bubble!), Guard Duck (because who doesn’t love a little violence on Sunday mornings) and STEPHAN!!!

  57. Ok, you sould have : Goat and Farina, the bubble girl. You should also make a stephan pastis one too. That would be cool.

  58. Goat is a main charactor, so here’s my choices:

    1. Goat
    2. Snuffles
    3. Danny Donkey

    If they make the next four-pack, they should have YOU, Stephen, a ZZE croc, maybe Farina, or Christmas Girl, (for Rat), and one of the Vikings action dolls, (for Pig).

  59. Patty… to keep Larry in line, plus the hair… ZZE is interesting too… All Crocs, all the time… Plus your strip is my favorite, so there.

  60. 1. Snuffles!! I mean come on… he looks plush in the strip.

    2. Pastis Plush!!! Although that might be odd seeing yourself or your own characterization of yourself put into stuffed reality. I suppose you could always make fun jokes about that…

    3. Fenced on Goat and Pigita as they have seniority (tenure?) in the strip.

  61. My votes are Snuffles (hands down, the best), Patty and a toss up between Goat and ZZE croc.

  62. 1. Danny Donkey. (I’ll immediately buy two.)
    2. Guard duck. (Popular character, will sell well.)
    3. Snuffles, I guess, but I don’t understand how a Snuffles plush would be differentiated from any other three-year-old’s white toy cat. Every other plush is an awesome conversation starter.

  63. Snuffles is absolutely required
    One of the Lions
    Danny Donkey
    And Stephan Pastis. You’re the only cartoonist with a big enough ego to allow that!

  64. Actually, I realized that was 4. So for now I rescind the Lions, and think that Snuffles and Guard Duck need to have an option to come together with the Bomb from the Kumquat Strip

  65. Next up has to be Pigita! I can’t believe how few votes she is getting.

    My fiancee would flip out if there was a matching Pig/Pigita set.

  66. Definately Goat, it’s not complete without Goat. He’s one of the main characters.

  67. Also I liked Mr. Fisty and Alphonse(sp) the needy porcupine.

    I know Mr. Fisty was just Rat’s fist, but it was hilarious.

  68. i would deffinatly say snuffles, he has become such a huge favorite of mine since he teamed up with lil’ guard duck, i would like to have a set, but also how about yourself, that would be funny, or for the idea of a female plushy, maybe pigita, theres nothing better than seeing a pissed off pig whos moody

  69. I am distraught. So terribly, terribly distraught.

    I looked all the way through these comments looking for a vote for Andy, that wonderful little dog chained up in a yard but forever optimistic. Those of us (metaphorically) chained to our work desks – we need our little Andy!

    Don’t forget Andy!

  70. It must be the Zeeba Zeeba Eata Croc and Snuffles!

    I would love to see the seal and the killer whale (with his harp and halo) too!

  71. Me: “How about little plastic toys of the Vikings?”
    Stephan: “I’m asking about plush toys. Plush toys! What didn’t this moron understand?”
    Me: “I understood, I just took this opportunity to make an off the cuff suggestion.”
    Stephan: “Gaaah” Where’s Dickie the decapitating cockroach when you need him?”
    Me: “Hey, that’s an idea, how about a Dickie plush toy? Or maybe little mini-plush Vikings?”

  72. Farina, the deliciously ironic plush toy, sealed inside a bubble so that she can never be cuddled. Even though she and her bubble children have pretty much left the strip for good, I third the notion.

  73. Gotta have Goat. I was actually surprised he wasn’t in the first 4.

    Snuffles would make a fantastic plush, so I’m going with him, too.

    Then, for the female characters’ sake, I’d say Pigita.

    I am so glad that Guard Duck isn’t even up for question. As soon as it comes out, I’m getting a GD plushie, no doubt.

  74. Love the idea of a Guard Duck plush. For the next ones, I’d go with Goat (he deserves it), Snuffles, and Danny Donkey.

  75. my votes are for:
    zeeba zeeba eta croc (with beer hat)
    toby the agoraphobic turtle
    and Goat

  76. I just love how Snuffles can convey so much by just saying “Meow”. Evil yet adorable cat. My kind of plushie.

    I would say Snuffles dressed up as the deposed Nigerian leader or even better when he dressed up like Osama bin Laden but people would take that the wrong way. Are you a terrorist Stephan? Fess up!

    I just started reading this strip about a year ago and I don’t know the vikings but they sound so funny!

  77. I’m all for the Zeeba Zeeba Eata, with sweaters and Viking Hats. That made me laugh as soon as I read the suggestion. And Little Guard Duck, complete with grenade, will be a most awesome addition.

  78. Snuffles would be an adorable plush. Although if I owned him and Guard Duck, I’d have to keep them in separate rooms to put a stop to world domination plotting.

    I’d also love to see a Goat and a Pigita. But I don’t really want Maura – she dumped Guard Duck after all.

  79. I’m hoping someone mentioned this already, but the agoraphobic turtle that drinks beer and passes out. One of my all time favorite characters.

  80. OMG YES – PASTIS!! I want a little stuffed Pastis. PLEASE!

    /doesn’t care if it creeps you out. I WANT!

  81. PATTY

    I’d buy my wife a Larry and Patty, probably even a Junior. She’d really like a little Crocydile family. It would be a good gift to get me out of trouble the next time I do something boneheaded like… well, Larry. Besides, are you really going to get Bill a Hanukkah cake for your wife’s birthday and then not make a Patty doll?

  82. Goat, of course! He was in PBS since the almost beginning! Danny donkey is obvious, how could you not do him? Can you do both? I’d prefer if you do Maura. Maura would be a more popular Valentine’s Day plush.

  83. Gotta go with Goat and Guard Duck, because they’re regulars.

    If you do Pigita you also eventually have to do Farina in her bubble. Since that is kinda hard, I’d nix Pigita.

    I really like Junior, but he’d look exactly like Larry, so you’d have to either make him smaller than the others or group him with Patty or Zebra’s niece.

    Snuffles is also great. If you give Guard Duck a grenade then you should give Snuffles a bazooka.

    If you go with Danny Donkey than I think you should also make him in plush form in the strip, because that would be really funny, and I great way to promote the actually PBS plush toys.

  84. goat and snuffles are my choices. i will be purchasing that guard duck for sure!

  85. I’d buy a Goat plush. I’d also like to see Farina, sold in a plastic bubble (with a little hatch so she can come out if she wants to).

  86. snuffles the cat, or danny donkey, i’m willing to bet that peopke wont cair if you have a girl plush

  87. HELLO,PEOPLE!!! Sure Guard Duck, Goat and Pigita….
    but what about PASTIS!!!! If you’re going to do this, do this RIGHT!!! Cigarette hanging from mouth, baseball cap on backwards….C’MON!!!!
    PS-I’ve already got Pig, Rat, Croc and Zeeba!!!
    They’re cool!!!!

  88. You should really think about a Pastis plush man. Think of the THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of women sleeping with Pastis!

  89. Danny Donkey, Farina, and Snuffles. Maybe Snuffles and Guard Duck should be packaged together.

  90. Ok, I only voted for three… and I knew that there was something else I’d love but couldn’t think of… the vikings! The vikings crack me up so much! So my vote is Snuffles, Stephan, Toby the Turtle, and a Viking (however you can make that possible).

  91. I want Goat, Patty or a Zeeba Zeeba Eata Croc, and Danny Donkey complete with a new Danny Donkey story

  92. My votes go to: Goat, Danny Donkey, Patty, and a lion. I pretty much want the whole collection! 🙂

  93. For sure Snuffles the cat. But I love Goat too… and if you do the Guard Duck than you should have Maura too. :]

  94. How about Zebra’s niece? or Farina? Those two have to be my favorite PBS female characters
    of course if you do zebra’s niece, junior has to go with her.

    I want a snuffles and guard duck though XD

  95. Guard Duck, Goat, Pigita, and… umm… Pastis himself? Actually, either that or Snuffles or Danny Donkey.

    I suggest a ‘holiday special set’ like the valentines and easter ones but with Pig, Rat, Goat, and Zebra dressed up in their Sgt. Piggy’s costumes from the first treasury. That would be awesome.

  96. A Pastis plushie would be fantastic.

    side note: real people ZZE sweaters would also be great 😀

  97. Definitely zee crocs. Market them with their super hero outfits, or sell the outfits separately, along with all of the other crazy get-ups they’ve worn in the past. I hope they come out before Christmas.
    Hmmm…. Is there any way to make Rat look like the Grinch? 🙂

  98. I think that Pigita is a definite. I like the idea of releasing Guard Duck with Mr. Sunffles…someone suggested that. I think a Croc in full regalia would be awesome. I want the whole group eventually…vikings included. They are my favorite after Rat and Gaurd Duck.

  99. my vote goes to goat, guard duck, snuffles, and either pigita or danny donkey. goat and snuffles are a must, though.

  100. Definitely looking forward to Guard Duck, a lion, Maura (So there could be a pair of lovers. Andy sounds awesome, too.

  101. I do agree with everyone else that Guard Duck is a must (and I love the hand grenade idea). My other pics would be Goat and Snuffles (he would go great with Guard Duck. My other pick is a shot in the dark, but…. What about a Stephan Pastis plush????? 🙂

  102. Guard Duck with no weapons, Danny Donkey, Patty the Croc and Larry Junior. This way we could have Larry’s whole family.

    Instead of selling Guard Duck with weapons, put velcro on his shoulders and hands, and also sell a little package with a grenade, bazooka, gun, bomb, dynamite and whatever other weapons that foul little fowl might wish for.

    Also, could you possibly have Velcro put on their butts? I put my plushes in the back window of my car, and they’d stay a lot better with some Velcro.

  103. If there’s a Danny Donkey one I’ll be happy, perhaps even mildly excited! Danny Donkey with with a ‘ban people!’ sign, what more does one need in life?


  105. Snuffles! You’ll sell millions…ok, maybe hundreds.
    And anything croc related…

  106. First off, it would be a sin to not include Goat.

    Second, Guard Duck. Since his conception, he’s grown into a sub-main character. But rather than hold a grenade, he needs his rocket launcher.

    Third choice, ZZE croc. As mentioned somewhere before, you can’t have too many crocs.

    Runner-up, Snuffles. He is so cute and looks so huggable. Yet hugging him is a bad idea, as he will probably kill you….

  107. I really like the sound of a Guard Duck and Snuffles combo. Those are the only ones I feel strongly about. Danny the Donkey would also be fantastic, but I think it would be even better if you can get a Danny the Donkey that actually talks like the one from the original storyline (complete with the same less-appropriate sayings).

  108. I vote Snuffles and the Guard Duck. I don’t really think Danny Donkey is a common enough character.

  109. croc with the sweater and helmet!! and snuffles…but i have a feeling that he might turn out weird. Goat is pretty much a must make.

  110. What on earth is everyone thinking? The other three plush dolls MUST be the fantastic four.

    Doorstoppo, Paper Jam Boy and Stapler Head must be immortalized in plush soonest!

    “Snuffles the cat”. “Maura”. Gad, the mind boggles.

    Oh, and thanks a LOT Mr Pastis for killing them off. Just when the strip was looking like it might get edgy. Bah.

  111. You got it right with your first three choices. Goat and Guard Duck are obvious, IMO.

    Danny Donkey, though, is possibly the greatest cartoon character going. I see a Danny Donkey strip, I know I’m going to be howling with laughter for a good minute after I’m done reading it. Better yet — see if you can make the plush Danny Donkey speak….That series where you had the evil Danny Donkey plush dolls were hilarious. You should get Danny to say stuff like, “There’s no booze like free booze,” and such.

    In fairness, your characters are male dominant to begin with. As such, I wouldn’t worry too much about not having a female plush in the mix yet.

  112. My first vote would have gone to Guard Duck, so I’m happy he’s a sure thing. Goat would be next since he’s been around the longest after Rat and Pig. Pigita would be a nice addition, and finally, Danny Donkey.

  113. Farina for sure. A cute little plush She-Pig in a mini hamster ball (with a lid, maybe? So you can take her out). Also, Annie May and Ann, the maid. Probably my favorite strips of all time, I still have trouble saying the phrase. Also, please go into the back-story on that. I must know how Pig gained a mortal enemy… He must have a sordid past. He eats bacon, after all

  114. Dang this is alot of comments. Anyway, Snuffles, hes soooo cute. I think alot of people will buy it. or maybe pig’s girl friend. Thats all, VISIT MY SITE SOON PEOPLE I DONT KNOW!!!

  115. Hi. Me and my mom are BIG fans of your comics. Whenever i read your book, “The Crass Menagerie” (it’s the only one i own), i just wonder what its like to have a world famous comic strip. I had to do a project for my eighth grade language arts class, we had to bring in a comic strip. I picked the one where rat finds what he wants in life and goat is busy reading the paper, and rat gets agrivated and dumps goats oatmeal on his head. The whole class got a crack out of that. The next day we had to design our own comic. I chose to hand draw three of the crocs. I named one of them Larry. That’s the only name that appeared in this strip. So, it was zeebra working at a fast-food place I named ‘The Whale King’ and it was supposed to have the killer whale as the cash register person, but then I changed it to zeebra because I remembered the whale had died sometime last year. So, it’s zeebra working at the cash register, and a croc comes up. Zeebra says,’Hi, welcome to the Whale King, what would you li-…Oh, hi neighbor crocidile, have you come to try to eat me again?’ and the croc says,’Yes me have, an me breeng back-up!’ and in the next pannel, there’s two crocks standing at the adjoining cash register, and the first one is saying to a hand drawing of Steaphen Patis,’Me want a cheese burger with extra pickles’, and the other croc says’Mee too!’ and the next pannel has the first croc saying,’Larry, we supposd to eat zeeba, membr?’ and zeebra is half-way in the pannel, showing his back, and saying,’Later.’ I got an A+, and i have it framed up in my room:D

  116. DANNY DONKEY!! Definately him!!!
    He’s hilarious….
    Please keep us posted when they are hitting the market cant wait to have a bunch of all of them together…

  117. It HAS to be Goat. He’s a main character, you just can’t leave him out! Plus, without him, it would be a plushie world of idiots! (Not counting Zebra, Rat, or Pigita)

  118. Guard duck is awesome, goat is one of the main characters so him, pigita just for fun, and patty because shes in alot of strips. maura, snuffles, and danny donkey are good. maybe you should use alphonse, farina, and elly elephant.

  119. Snuffles is a must have do Snuffles and include a stolen rolex watch or a Weapon of Mass Destruction

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