I’m a Book-Signing Fool

Hey, for those of you interested, I just walked into my local Copperfields bookstore here in Santa Rosa and signed a bunch of books I found on the shelf.  I should mention that they were all Pearls books, although I was tempted to sign a few Get Fuzzy’s.  I also drew Rat or Pig in each.  So if you’re interested, you can call the bookstore and order them, and they’ll ship them to you for a small charge.  Phone is 707-578-8938.

UPDATE as of April 2:  Thanks to those of you who have let me know that the bookstore ran out of signed copies.  So I’ve called the bookstore and asked them to order more.  I’ll go in and sign them next week.  So those of you who weren’t able to get one, call and they’ll put you on the list for one of them.


33 thoughts on “I’m a Book-Signing Fool

  1. lol i called the store to order one and my parents thought it was an april fools joke but after driving the girl on the phone crazy, i ordere a sighned sturday evening pearls book. Great Comic!!!

  2. That phone number looks familiar: It looks like the one I see on my caller ID every night around dinner time, and is trying to sell me something. Maybe they found the books you signed, and are just trying to give them away to anyone in the U.S. 😛

    P.S. Why not come here to the East Coast and sign a few books, or beer cases or body parts for a change??

  3. And to think I just now bought The Saturday Evening Pearls. Bah, I’ll order one anyway.

  4. That’s an awesome idea! I wonder how much trouble I’d get in signing other peoples’ books. “Dude, George, check this out. I bought this book and it’s SIGNED, man! I’m totally selling it on Ebay.”

  5. Did they ask for your ID, or do they just let potential customers grafitti their merchandise d:

    LOVE how reminiscent this is to one of your earlier Sunday strips . . . “Gimme a book — I’m John F*@ck’n Grisholm!”

  6. Dear Mr. Pastis,

    I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I love your cartoon. We look forward to reading it everyday. All of the characters are great! The exchanges between Larry the crocodile and his son are so funny; especially the one where Larry tells his son that it’s not important to go to college because there are no jobs for graduates.

    Is Maura ever coming back?

    Thank you very much for helping us get our day off to a good start with a laugh.

    Take care,

  7. Did your neighbor come with you and sign all the John Grisham books?

    (Yes, that’s one of my favorite “Pearls” strips of all time.)

  8. I would love a Get Fuzzy book signed by you, Stephan, but I’m not sure if Mr. Conley would appreciate it. 😉

  9. Did you happen to write “To My Dear Friend Nicole” in any of them?

  10. I think that is HILARIOUS!! I am sure, being married to you and all, that the wife has a fabulous sense of humor, and that she will enjoy her non-traditional birthday cake immensly…good job!

  11. On behalf of Copperfield’s Books, a big THANK YOU!

    We got calls from all over the country, but we ran out of the signed copies soon after you posted this. (And calls keep coming in!)

    I’m happy to report that our ethics are intact and the staff didn’t hog the signed copies, but released them all for sale to your blog readers.

    Hey, wanna do a book signing with us? If so, talk to Shannon here at the store (the guy you talked to last night), and thanks again for your support of indie bookstores!

    ~~ Ellen @ Copperfield’s (Montgomery Village)

  12. Did they check you are who you said you were? If not were you tempted to pretend you were someone more famous like John Grisham and sign his books?

  13. I hate to leave blogs uncommented. I have a signed copy of BLTs Taste So Darn Good and another Pearls book. They are not for sale, though. Would I sell those? No!

  14. When I first read this, I thought you were going into bookstores and just signing copies on the shelves for unsuspecting patrons to discover. Adding the note to the blog would send hundreds (ok, tens) of fans in there looking for the books. He he he- lots of fun for the staff. That’s what RAT would do, anyway.

  15. I love how you posted this on April Fools’ Day.

    …And nobody responded to it. (Lame.)

  16. Stephan: I know this is off topic, but I wanted to toss out an idea for the title of your next anthology (the one collecting Macho Macho Animals and Saturday Evening Pearls.) I don’t know if you’ve already thought of one, but what do you think of this: “The Aristocrocs.” And perhaps the cover could depict the PBS cast on stage doing Lord-knows how many bizzare acts.

    What do you think?




  18. Yo steave what up. I wish I could get one of the copies but I can’t.I sent you an email.

  19. Steve. I got a great new idea for your next comic.
    They show Larry singing this:”OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH and de cokeeng goes on. Eeet the table eating zeeba head off.” Then show zebra with a mad face grumbling. Then Larry says:” eend life goes on.” Then Rat says to pig “This definetly wouldn’t be in ‘For better or for worse.’

  20. I’ve noticed that there were sixteen comments before mine, where as the other day there were zero. Is this a glitch?

  21. GreekAsianPanda: Thanks. Glad you like it. The idea came from a reworking of a joke into PBS style:

    (Open on Zebra standing in his backyard. Two crocs are looking at him from over the bushes.)

    Croc #1: Hulloooo, zeeba neighba. Leesten, we crockydiles ees going to be pooting on show at comoonity theater tomorrow night. Maybe you like come, watch us?

    Zebra: Really? I didn’t realize you guys were interested in drama. What’s the show about?

    Croc #1 (excited): Oh, oh, you want hear?! Tell heem, Bob!

    Croc #2: Well, first we get antylope we ask to go on stage and seeng bootiful opera song. Den moosic change to heavy death metal as Larry, Floyd an’ me run out and start to eet heem.

    (Zebra now looks quite shocked)

    Croc #1: Yea, yea! We bite off hed, arms, legs… we reep dat poor sucka to shreds!

    Croc #2: Den we get een fight over who get pahts with most meet. We beat each udder wit da limbs, blood squirt eento crowd. Ees gonna be brootal, brutha.

    Croc #1: We keep heeting and keecking each udder until only one left standing. Den weener stand on top of looshas, bow, and say “Ta-da!”

    (Zebra is stunned and appears quite disgusted.)

    Croc #1: So, what you theenk?

    Zebra (outraged): What do I think?! That’s the most disgusting, barbaric thing I’ve ever heard! What on earth would you even call that?

    Crocs #1 & #2: Da Areestocrats.

    (Zebra has that frustrated expression on his face – eyes closed to look like a curved line, that look)

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