6 thoughts on “More “Pearls Without…” Strips

  1. The best ones are where they leave in the blank spots without even trying to clean them up. 🙂

    Anyone else sensing that Jim Davis seems to be making Garfield these days with “Garfield Minus Garfield” firmly in mind? Some in the past couple weeks work, well… almost *too* well.

  2. The Garfield Minus Garfield book has a small section with strips that Jim himself did, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he has it in mind.

    I like how Rat seems so pathetic without Pig in these strips while Pig just seems a little sadder. Without Pig (and context), the first strip is almost depraved.

  3. The pushing the envelope one was funny the first time, it was just as funny with pig all alone.

  4. Pushing the envelope has been my favorite so far…People walk by my office and see me laughing my head off as I push the envelope on my desk. I probably won’t be working here much longer….

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