23 thoughts on “The book is here!

  1. Yea!! I can’t wait to get it! Do you think it’s available in stores yet? Because tomorrow my mom is going to go to the mall and I want to go with her to buy the new book at Barnes and Nobel if it’s there.

  2. Already bought it from B&N. 🙂 Tom’s name is on the can next to the wrestler croc and Julia’s name is on the serving dish with the lid.

  3. Julia is definitely on the casserole dish-thing, and Tom (I think) is on a can of beer. But that’s hard to decipher with the tiny pic . . . d:

    Who get’s the Intro this time? You or another angry cartoonist like Macho Macho Animal’s Bill Keane??

  4. hey Mr.Pastis, i cant wait to buy the new book. visit my site soon. it’s http://www.cartoonie.wordpress.com. plz leave a comment.
    my favorite characters are the crocs so this is a good book. one question, in your latest comics pig’s wearing a hat. why is he wearing a hat? Anyways visit my site soon. And email me soon, ( p.s. im lauren ) ha. and one thing, YOU ROCK! ok bye!

  5. Tom’s name is on the can of ham, Julia’s is hidden in the serving dish’s exterior.

  6. FOund! I shall not spoil it for others!
    Hey Stephan here’s the WEIRDEST THING EVER! TOTALLT TRUE
    While I was tucked in bed last night, started to read the book…JUST as I turn to the page with the sunday comic about the R.E.M song, It’s the end of the world, and Rat an Pig are dancing to it..the fricking song comes ON THE RADIO!!!!!!!
    ERRIE!? CREEPY? I shuddered a bit..yes…..I laughed my ass off..cuz you got the opening drum roll perfectly transcribed too in the comic!

    I’m almost to scared to finish reading the book today…snicker….
    tee hee

    by the way..if u want the lyrics I have them…lol

  7. I just picked up one – Didn’t look real hard for Julia’s name but saw Tom’s…Won’t post it here so I don’t spoil it.

  8. I thought I’d never find your daughter’s name, but after I did find it it seemed a bit strange that I couldn’t see it right away.
    Anyway, congratulations on creating the funniest characters and the greatest strips these days.

  9. I just bough the book yesterday at Barnes and Nobel and I’ve read the whole thing already. It was awesome and probably one of my favorite collections of yours. I loved the series where Zebra is captured by the crocs. And I found your kids’ names. I won’t say where so other people can find them themselves. I found Tom right away but I had to stare at the cover for five minutes to find Julia. Observant I am not. And I agree with what you said in the introduction, how no one recognizes cartoonists that write strips in the paper. But I’d like to have you know that I would definitely recognize you if I saw you. But probably no one else.
    Again, awesome book.

  10. Tom’s name is on the ham can and Julia’s name is on the serving dish. Cool cover! Looking forward to getting a copy.

  11. Ees crok doll! Make Earl happy! Buy tree of dem, train dem to eet zeeba dolls! Me order crok dolls soon!

  12. Regarding fact #3…I do exactly the same thing. Thought it was just me…hmmm, maybe it’s a “your name begins with S-T-E-P-H” thing.

  13. Hey!
    im a huge huge huge hugeee pearls b4 fan!!!!!! i wish the books were available in india (cuz that’s where m from!!) !!!!

  14. My car tags reads ETAZEBA. I’m 51 and the rest of u little punks can’t phathome the raelity of writin bloggs while incarcepacitated! “Hick” Now all ask wife 4 keys to atv again. Must run over zeba. Whoops me lost wife.

  15. I got the book and read it the day I got it. Julia is on the bowl and Tom’s is the brand name of the ham.

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