Sleep with a Pig!

Hey, for all of you who have asked, I just found out that the Pearls plush is available online!….

They have the large version of  Pig.


And Rat.


And Larry the Croc.


I don’t yet have the links to the smaller versions of the characters (which include all of the above guys in a smaller size, as well as Zebra).   Poor Zebra.  No respect.

44 thoughts on “Sleep with a Pig!

  1. Just this weekend I found the small plushies at a shop in Phoenix, Arizona. The store is called Camelback Village Pharmacy, on 44th Street and Camelback.

    No big plushies there, though, or I would have bought those too. Let me tell you, its awesome to have Rat, Pig, Zebra, and a Croc (I think it’s Larry) in my room now. 🙂 I think the most pleasant surprise was that each plush had a tag that had two tiny PBS comicstrips . . . AWESOME.

  2. awww all 3 say,

    “Currently unavailable.
    We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.”


  3. Out of stock? Pastis, did you buy 600 pig plushies? I’m gonna have to get a Lary.

  4. Taxi guy: DEFINITELY need a Pastis plush . . . and I agree, where’s Goat?

    Not to mention Duck, Snuffles, Andy, ZZE-sweatered Crocs, Toby, the Lions, the Killer Whale, the Anemone enemies, Chuckie, Farina, Pigita, Maura, Olive, Alphonse, Danny Donkey and Angry Bob (who could be a skeleton or something)

    Granted, that’s like the ENTIRE cast, but I feel I must ask . . . when’s “Series Two” coming out, and who gets to be in it?

  5. Aww!! I want all of them, even though Pig is my fav ( I would be pig if I wasn´t human)! Wonder what my bf thinks if I bring the Pig in our bed….

  6. I just ordered all 3 on amazon. Hoping they’ll show by easter. Larry the croc is my 10 yr olds favorite character. Ever.

  7. No respect indeed!

    It’s all well and good that has them but doesn’t.

    Canadian PBS lovers get no respect.

  8. Just ordered Larry the Croc

    out of curiousity, has there ever been any reference in the strip to the late Steve Irwin?

  9. Before his death I beleive, Mick . . . the strip that was published May, 6th, 2006. Larry was essentially frustrated that Irwin was yet to be eaten by the Crocs and his wife was humoring him d:

  10. They are showing up on Amazon for me. Pig is $11, Croc is $25 and Rat is $30. Thats $66 plus who knows how much in shipping 😦

  11. “They are showing up on Amazon for me. Pig is $11, Croc is $25 and Rat is $30. Thats $66 plus who knows how much in shipping

    by Mike March 17, 2009 at 8:47 PM ”

    How come Pig is so cheap, no wonder he has no self esteem. Rat is the most expensive, which will do wonders for his ego! 🙂

  12. Ahhh I miss the Duck. I friggin love him. For the record I read your strips aloud daily, and for some reason the duck has a French accent…I think it meshes with the cigarette and foul behaviour.

  13. I can’t believe no one took the joke from the post. Where’s Rodney Dangerfield when you need him? “My wfe said she sleeps with a pig every night.”

  14. Marvelous! This saves me ideas for the next 3 birthdays of my gf! 🙂

  15. They are showing up on Amazon for me. Pig is $11, Croc is $25 and Rat is $30. Thats $66 plus who knows how much in shipping 😦
    by Mike March 17, 2009 at 8:47 PM

    just ordered all three for $11 each… had some doubt cause shipping them to the netherlands costs $40… but then again, you can’t put a price on getting a smile on your face every time you wake up and see those three rascals!

  16. Not to be terribly off-topic, but in case you hadn’t seen this already, I figured you’d appreciate it:

  17. Pig has shipped, according to an Amazon Email, and will probably show up Monday. All three 12 inch plush guys were $10.99 each — so I don’t know why they are so expensive for you, Mike. Hmmm.

  18. Auroris hasn’t been very helpful locating local retail outlets that carry them.

    I just ordered the set of 4 8″ off eBay. The guy who sold them has a few more sets in stock, for anyone interested.

  19. I got all three in a package deal at Amazon. Croc should not be $25 and Rat should NOT be $30. I don’t know what’s going on in there, but I made print copies of my orders.

    When you sign in for Amazon, it’s TRICKY. They kick you out of the Pig page, and if you do a search for “Pig” they put all these look alike plush pigs.

    Search under Pearls Plush or something that mentions the comic’s name.

    Don’t ask this for a gift, buy it yourself because you know what Pig looks like exactly. A family member would not really know, unless they are a fan, too. One of the pigs resembles Pig in shape, but I know it’s not Pig.

    The free market used to be about getting what you pay for. No wonder so many people want to give up on it.

  20. All three were 32.97 together, and Rat and Larry were the same price as Pig seperately, so I am worried about all those people who are seeing Rat for thirty dollars.

  21. Just for the record, I ordered the three of them on March 14th and they just arrived today on the 20th. Unless somebody did order 600, they should be in stock. I appreciate these guys, Stephan. A good start to a ratty weekend.

  22. the plushies are absolutely awesome!!! my boyfriend surprised me with the larger version of Rat, and as I collect various plush animals (mostly sheep), Rat has already deemed himself in charge of all of them. 😉 heehee. plush Rat… could life get any better??! …I also love that they come with 2 comics attached. how cool! we need more…so the world can be taken over by Pearls Before Swine plushies. woohoo!

    and Mr Pastis, you truly are a genius!!!!! 😀

  23. Steph, do you know if there are stores in the South Bay that carries them? I don’t want to buy online ’cause I like to see them and feel their hug-a-bility first. Tried hugging the photo of Pig, but it just wasn’t the same. 🙂

    BTW, they’ve hit it big time, just found them on Ebay. 😉

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  25. I just got my Pig, Rat and Larry yesterday. Larry is excellent. As for Pig, I think I’ve found my cremation urn. Just kidding, but Pig is so cute.

    When will they come in 24 inch?

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