Pearls Without Pig and Rat

Hey, we’ve got some great candidates already.










You won’t realize this until you see tomorrow’s Pearls strip, but the selection of the gummy bear strip is amazing.  (It might just be the same strip I chose to delete a character from tomorrow).

11 thoughts on “Pearls Without Pig and Rat

  1. I literally just gleefully clapped my hands and giggled… fairy Pig, bubble wrap, gummy bear heaven, and Pig getting booted are from me. I love poor little Pig. It was tempting to try a croc one, too.

    Side note, anyone seen the electronic bubble wrap popper in stores? It’s like someone doesn’t realize they’ve stolen the joy of the whole process.

  2. That one with fairy pig seems like what pearls would look like if it was turned into an anime

  3. Dude, today’s strip is hilarious. Crazy coincidence with the gummy bear strip above. It’s interesting how the strip changes with pig gone, versus wth rat gone.

  4. The “Extra Fries” comic is surreal and at the same time, laugh-out-loud funny.

    Definitely should do one with the Crocs…maybe the “camouflage” episode where one is disguised as a washing machine….

  5. The gummy-bear strip is my hands-down favourite in a long time (except the one where you introduce the cat… when the crocs’ plan to give Zebra an evil cat backfires on them). I had it linked to my blog from, but a couple of those strips I direct linked are no longer there. 😦

    I also love the militant duck. He never gets a fair shake with the ladies.

    Anyway… I like to see strips in a way that Pig can happily pursue his fantasy dreams without Rat pimp-smacking him back to reality in the meanest possible way.

  6. The sewing machine saying “I love Satan” had me laughing so hard I think I woke my family this morning.

    And the Garfield with Jon in one panel with a turkey on his head just about knocked me to the ground laughing.

  7. “I think Happiness is finding a couple extra fries at the bottom of the bag”. . . . .”Yay!! The Apocalypse!! Yaaaaaay!!Wait. . . Wait. . . What’s an apocalypse?”

    Goat is looking so casual about this happening, too.

  8. Another one that would work really well, is the one from Yesterday (March 22) on the daily calendar. It’s the one that features “Bicky the quasi-copyright infringing cat”. Remove Rat and Bicky from the the strip, leaving only your self-reflexive alter-ego and you have one surreal and amsuing strip…

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