23 thoughts on “I Have Officially Invented a Word!

  1. “Angry Bob undied.” — That’s always been one of my favorite lines from Pearls. 😀

    Now to add it to Firefox’s spell-checker…

  2. Right now, there are 17 thumbs up on this definition. Should I play spoiler and give it a thumbs down?

  3. OMG Steph, ever since the whale came back and your explaination was he undied, I’ve been using it more times than I care to admit! ^5’s … you is genuess!

  4. In Urban it refers to it coming from Rat about Angry Bob …. but it was used with the whale also when he came back to help save Zeba from the Crocks in their softball game …. Rat was telling Cartoon Boy that readers were pointing out that the whale died May 13, 2006 in your Crass Menagerie Book and you better come up with a credible explaination and fast. Cartoon Boy turned to Rat and said “he un-died”. Rat replied “I really, really miss Bill Watterson”.

    In Urban also, the person that submitted it has the date Oct. 26, 2008. The Whale died in 2006 and he un-died for the game Oct. 2008. Year is right, but reference I’m not so sure.

    Right??? 🙂

    Where is Pig’s hippo…I need a hug or at least a place to hide. *LOL*

  5. Opps … I just remembered I had never heard about Pearls before 2007, but I do recall that Rat has died a few times in earlier strips/books ….. BUT the Whale has too. My Bad! 😉 Steph, help me out of the hole I’m digging for myself!

  6. The very nature of Pearls Before Swine has characters dying and undying in quite an unholy fashion, notably Angry Bob.

    I congratulate you for your contribution to the English language, Mr. Pastis 🙂

  7. Congradulations Mr. Pastis for the academic contributions to the English language. Now let’s work on getting “Hullo Zeeba Neighboor” into the books as an acceptable formal greeting like “hello” and “Good Day”!!!

  8. Way to go Stephan. I remember in one of the collections you hoped you would get credit for that.

    Somewhere Angry Bob is smiling… nah, he’s probably not…

  9. I was just thinking… does anyone know how many characters have died all together in “pearls”

  10. I second the motion to get “Hullo Zeeba Neighbor” into the books!

    congrats on inventing a new word! that is awesome!

  11. zeebeeta: don’t forget if you’re counting, to include all of Pig’s friends, such as the Mrs. Buttersworth bottle, the fruit friends, the Gingerbread cookie family, the fish bait family, the party ballon friend (Timmy!!). and etc, and etc….

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  13. WE love the hippo! We need more Hippo! My family anxiously checks every day to see if the hippo is back. As my 11 year old son said, “We should all have a comfort hippo”

  14. I was hoping it would be fantasticalness… one of my favourite words of all time 🙂
    Math is not part of my fantasicalness either.

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