11 thoughts on “Hey, I’m on the Cover of a Magazine

  1. Good for you Pastis .. I know you draw yourself in your strip but ummmm, why on the cover of that magazine is your alter ego with one eye way bigger than the other .. where you stoned when you drew yourself? Was your alter ego up all night chasing away ninja crockys? Or is a weird medical thing we should just not talk about?

  2. Well, guess I better cancel my subscription to Hogan’s Alley. It’s really too bad…That was my favorite magazine. What a shame.

  3. Mr. Pastis,
    We’ve reached that part of the program where an intervention would be in order. You’ve been hanging out with a bad crowd and now things have gotten much worse. Now the rest of the story.

    Popeye is on a national sex offender data base, and do you really want me to go into Dick Tracy and Shakespeare? Archie and Jug Head support the legalization of marijuana. That’s the first step to hallucinogenic pineapples and crazed kids. Just say NO!

    “Inside the Cartoonist Studio” sounds like a bad TV show on PBS or a lame cable channel. Berkeley Breathed’s ‘Bloom County’ took America into Walt Disney’s animation studio in the mid-1980s. Remember what we witnessed then!!! All the little animated creatures chained to drafting boards and forced to animate and reanimate endlessly. It was a cartoon, slave labor camp. The HORROR!!!

    Shephan stop hanging around, all of these unsavory characters. Return to the good old-fashioned American values in animation. Return to your roots. Start associating with other animators who embrace family values such as “Happy Tree Friends.” You might consider joining a 9 step program.

    I know, I know, Conley gave 3 of the steps to somebody named Jenny Campbell. -_-_-_-_-

    Don’t tell me, I don’t know who she is. -_-_-_-_- No, you call him, he’s your little cartoon cover art mate! _-_-_-_-_ That does it!!! I’m out of here!

  4. So . . . how much did they pay you off so you could blab to the media? My guess: Not much 😛

  5. You should put the interview up on your blog. And don’t listen to jvmartin… he seems like a moron. ‘Inside the Cartoonist Studio’ actually sounds really interesting (at least to me it does), and there’s nothing wrong with supporting the legalization of marijuana. But yeah, the interview would be neat to read.

  6. In today’s mail. How delighted am I that my subscription hasn’t expired yet. And how even more delighted am I that they published another issue before I died. We have presidential elections more often….

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