Very intimate photos

I just got a new camera.  So I’ve decided to take this blog to a whole new level by taking very intimate photos of my personal life and posting them here. 

I’d like to begin with this one. 


It’s my microwave.

Craving more?  Fine.

These are the shoes in my closet.  This is as they appear right now, 9:00 am PST.  There has been no manipulation of this photo. 


That’s it for now.

20 thoughts on “Very intimate photos

  1. Now we know you have a white microwave and a closet with nothing in it but shoes and something weird on the carpet … do we need to know what? 🙂

  2. Must be color-blind. A white microwave with maple-stained cabinets do not match. How come only one pair of sneakers that are white? and all of the other shoes are dark-colored? Must have been a lawyer’s house.

  3. You made me very happy. Now I can tell my wife there are people out there that are sloppy and untidy other than myself. Thank’s a million, dude.

  4. I envy you your functioning (I presume) microwave. Thanks for letting us peek into your home.

  5. Yeah Stephan, what the hell is all over your carpet? Did a croc explode?

    As “intimate” as these photographs are, at least it isn’t of you in your “monkey” underwear that you let us know you sit around in.

  6. oh by the way did a vacume bag explod in your closet? its about time to clean it up.

  7. My neighbor has the same refrigerator… I now have a new appreciation for the noises you’ve said the ice maker produces.

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