Valentines Day prototypes

I sense that the photos of my microwave and shoes were not enough for you.  Alright, fine.  I just got these prototypes of the Pearls valentines day plush in the mail.  They won’t be available until next Valentine’s Day, I presume, but still, they’re pretty darn cute.  Cuter than my shoes, anyways.

Here is Larry and Zebra.


Here is Rat:


Oh yeah.  And good old Pig as Cupid.  Here, from the front:


And here from behind:


32 thoughts on “Valentines Day prototypes

  1. These are so cute! I love them! I really like how they reflect the characters’ personalities.

  2. I love them … Pig O’ My Heart! Think Crock is my favorite, Be My Fud! Rat is great too, Love Bites (sooooo Rat). Great job Steph, just wish we didn’t have to wait a whole year for them … I have an idea, for the people that post in here ONLY, you should give me…er, us free plushes! 😉

  3. DEFINITELY getting these whenever they come out. Still . . . I got to wonder: Goat? Duck? Snuffles? Seriously, Andy & Olive would be so awesome as a V-Day gift . . . Duck & Maura as a close second 😀

  4. I’m sorry Stephan, but if I recall correctly, didn’t Pig kill some guy while being dressed as Cupid? Now I can’t give this gift to anyone I remotely like. Thanks, pal.

  5. They look great. What this is all really leading up to is… a Saturday morning cartoon featuring the crocs and their many adventures.

  6. How big are they? I wonder if they will be sold seperately or as a set. Larry is the best!

  7. Larry and Zebra are a riot– what a perfect pair. But where is PIGITA??!? How can Pig celebrate Valentine’s Day without his girlfriend? Yes she’s difficult, but she’s also long-suffering.

  8. I thought you said you idolized Bill Watterson because he never licensed Calvin and Hobbes for merchandise or animation.

    In any case, I want pig. Haha! I love hypocrisy.

  9. Was I the only one that looked at the Pig photos and wondered why there was a flame coming out the top of his head?

  10. Hey Steph, They’re all great, wouldn’t change a thing, and I’d sure as heck tell you if something needed changing. Thanks for sharing these photo’s with us.

    For you knuckle heads out there living in the 90’s….Mr. Pastis does not have to emulate Bill Watterson to be a great comic artist. These are 2 different individuals, so blabbing on about whether Mr. Pastis decides to do something he thinks is fun contrasted against “What Would Bill Do” is really quite pointless. FWIW Mr. Pastis is also a big part of Charles Shultz and the Peanuts “enterprise” currently. If I do recall, Mr. Shultz may have done a little merchandising and animating while he was with us, here and there.

    And, If I saw these dolls on the shelf, immediately after soiling myself and exclaiming “No F~@king Way!” loud enough for everyone within 50 yards of me to hear, I’d by all four no matter the cost. (Unless they were more than $25, in which case I’d only get Rat & Larry)

    @Ed Z…I just assumed Pig was one of those “Plush Toy Cigarette Lighters” we’ve all heard so much about.


  11. Danny Donkey with a pile of beer cans up to his waist. Like he’s wearing a hoop skirt of beer cans.

  12. Pastis,

    Don’t you think you could get something in this line accomplished for Christmas gifts, like 9 months from now?

    Some of us are desperate for gifts for friends who have already gotten all the treasuries, collections, coffee table books, etc. that you have put out. Damn, how much of the economy are you going to take down with this new plushie thing….?

    Oh, I forgot, it’s all about increasing consumer consumption. Keep it up pal!


  13. personally, i would like a valentine couple like larry the croc and his wife looking at him like he’s an idiot. nothing says “i love you” like a contemptuous look.

  14. I will gladly buy the crocogator when he comes out, that’s just adorable. I’ve been buying your collection books habitually. I strongly believe in supporting your favourite starving cartoonist.

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