Pearls De Sac

Recently, I did a joint interview with Richard Thompson, the amazing creator of the comic strip Cul De Sac.   A joint interview is where you both sit around smoking marijuana and say the first thing that comes into your mind. 

No, no, no.  “Joint” as in we were interviewed together. 

The interview was to promote our appearance at Comic-Con in July in San Diego, California.  Anyhow, the interview was a lot of fun.  And you can read it here.

Also, if you don’t yet read Cul De Sac, you’re really missing out.  It’s a great comic strip.


11 thoughts on “Pearls De Sac

  1. you should read the comments on today’s strip (comics dot com)

    just felt you should see, and maybe think about

  2. Great Interview — loved all the thoughts on the comic industry and where strips stand in all of it.

    I too agree that strips have an advantage in they are part of a daily ritual — not even your hot, new TV show can claim that! They’re lucky to get you once a week . . . .

  3. Re: Cul de Sac – Yes, a great comic. I recently switched to iGoogle as my home page and discovered I could get CdS there, in the comics add-on (as well as many others; unfortunately not including this one, PBS. Luckily, I get PBS through my daily comics page sent to my email). Yeah, I have a comics habit.

  4. I don’t get it.
    I enjoy Pearls Before Swine so much that it’s the first thing I look for each day (After the bathroom, that is).
    I like the wit in your blog so much that I’ve gone all the way back to your beginning posts to make sure that I don’t miss anything.
    I’ve seen, to now, a few times that you have recommended Cul De Sac, and I have to ask, what does Richard Thompson have on you? Are you being blackmailed?
    I’ve read Cul De Sac in the past, and it never captured my attention.
    I clicked the link in this post to read more, but it still doesn’t grab me.
    Either I just don’t get it, or you’re not being paid enough to promote it.

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