Me, Toy Fair and Drawing on People’s Bodies

Hey, if you have a whole bunch of extra time on your hands, come to Toy Fair in New York City next Monday and Tuesday, February 16 and 17.  I’ll be signing stuff for people from 2 pm to 4 pm at the Aurora booth.  Aurora will have tons of Pearls plush there.   If you can’t get in or you just can’t make it to NYC, maybe someone you know is going and I can sign something for them to give to you.  Or maybe you don’t want anything at all signed by me.

Speaking of which, when I’m really drunk at parties, I have this wonderful habit of finding a Sharpie and drawing my characters on people’s arms, backs, etc.  People wake up with drawings that are very hard to scrub off.  I’ve also drawn on furniture, which is a bit more problematic for the homeowner.   Lucky for you, I will be sober at the Aurora table.

And I’m told I’m in a book!  Andy Nulman, the super-successful CEO of the largest comedy festival in the world, the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal, has written a book on the power of surprise marketing called “Pow! Right Between the Eyes:  Profiting from the Power of Surprise“, and there’s apparently a section that has me in it.  I’m all for books that have me in it.



16 thoughts on “Me, Toy Fair and Drawing on People’s Bodies

  1. It would be way better if you did an impromptu signing at a booth in a bar somewhere in midtown instead.

  2. Question: Does the quality of your drawing deteriorate when your drunk or are they about the same? And do you ever write any dialogue on them?

    Oh, the hilarious possibilities — why haven’t we seen a drunk Pastis in your strip?

  3. I wish we still lived in NY … 30 years too late & a dollar short! Cartoon Boy, you must have a great time at these things, especially after the official signings are over! 😉

    You need to bring your Plush Menagerie & your Sharpie down to the south bay … I’ll bring you a bottle of wine, then you can sign the lawn chair I’ll have with me too! *LOL*

  4. I wish I could come and get something signed, but I live nowhere near New York.
    Haha you always make me laugh. Do you draw whole strips on the furniture? I think whoever owns the furniture you draw upon could sell it on eBay and make big bucks.

  5. I would be honored to have a drunk Stephan Pastis draw Pig on my neck. I’d never wash it off.

  6. Isn’t the toy fair only open if you are in trade but not open to the general public?

  7. I called and it is not open to the public. You must be a wholesaler, retailer, seller of some sort to get in. Boo hoo! I will tell my NYC friends not to get their hopes up.

  8. Glad I discovered your blog a week *after* you were. As someone else suggested.. How about a pearls gathering at a bar in nyc 🙂

  9. I was one of the lucky ones to be at the signing at the fair. Thank you for drawing pig for me. I could tell your hand was killing you by the time I got to the table! I hope they gave you some breaks. …And my daughter loves her pig plush! She’s been carrying him around everywhere since I’ve brought him home. He’s her new best friend. I wonder if I should be worried!?

  10. Man, I would pay good money to get pig on that grocery store horse tattooed on my back.

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