Da Plush Ees on Da Way

 And they look like this:


Rat, Pig and the Croc come in two sizes, twelve-inches high and eight inches-high.  Zebra is offered in only the eight-inch size.  Poor Zebra.   Prey get no respect. 

I believe they come out in March, but I’m double-checking that now.  For more info, Aurora’s email is info@auroragift.com, and their phone is 1-888-AURORA2.   And their site is here.

29 thoughts on “Da Plush Ees on Da Way

  1. Oh my goodness!!! They have stuffed animals now?! That’s like wicked cool! If I were to get one, I would so get Zebra. He’s my favorite character. But what I’m wondering is what happened to Goat? When I heard that there was no Goat, that made me laugh. Don’t know why.

  2. Wow! They really nailed your characters, they look exactly like your designs. Especially Pig…and that box they’re displayed in is awesome…I can see these in every hallmark store. (I get excited about toys)

  3. Hey, if enough of these guys are bought (and I am SOOOOO getting everyone of them, thank God my B-day’s coming up) I imagine they’ll make more.

    Cause I REALLY want to see Goat, Duck, Snuffles, Andy, Danny Donkey, the Killer Whale, Toby, and the Lions . . . in no specific order (well, I would prefer all of them)

    Can’t wait, Mr. Pastis, keep us informed!!

  4. See, my goal would be to buy at least one of every character and then have several Crocs so that I could have the whole gang of Larry, Frank, Bob, Jojo, Biff, etc. Then I would only need to wait for the release of Larry’s wife & Junior.

    Course, I’d still be lacking in the ZZE Frat Sweaters, not to mention Biff’s leash . . . .

  5. That’s like sickeningly adorable. Haha. I’m probably gonna get the 3 larges. But you better promise that next time they make some, they’ll have a large Zebra.

    Speaking of if they ever make more, my vote is for Goat, Guard Duck and Mr. Snuffles (as a set or something since they’re smaller), and Pigita.

    And, to go out on a limb here, you and the Killer Whale. 😛

  6. Also, I looked over these comments and noticed mentions of a lot of great characters, but one was always missing… Chuckie! Obviously the most snuggle-able of them all.

    And will they be stuck to the stools?

  7. Cartoon Boy, finally … I’m so ‘cited! Valentine’s Day is coming up, gonna put it on hold til March, then ask hubs to get me Pig, what a perfect way to tell someone you care! *LOL*

    They all look great, but we need a L’il Guard Duck & Snuffles …ok, a few at a time, but get on it will ya?

  8. A Danny Donkey one would be good.

    Hahah, I also think a Stephan Pastis one would be fun, since you appear as a character so often

  9. This is awesome! Need to have several of the crocs for Larry, Biff, and others. As someone said, the next set should be Danny Donkey, Goat, Stephen Pastis and either Joe from Joe’s Roastery or neighbor Bob. Need some for Rat to antagonize on a daily basis. Wonder if they will only be available on-line or which retail stores.

  10. Did you ever uncover when/where the plushies will be available? I e-mailed the company and haven’t heard back yet. Their site also doesn’t seem to have anything useful on it. 😦

    I hope there will be more plushies in the future too. I really want one of ‘Lil Guard Duck.

  11. I’d also like to throw in support for Guard Duck. I have a little rubber ducky with a small half-cylinder piece of plastic as a helmet. Someone put a heart sticker on him that says “hug me”. I desperately need a more intimidating guard duck to take care of my place while I’m away. I’ll take five…just in case any she-ducks come by and steal one away to France…

  12. Pastis, we need one of these in a Stephan Pastis form, and maybe then a little bat for rat to hold while standing on your desk. Keep up the shameless products! I love it.

  13. Hi Mr. Pastis! Just got the three larger animals in the mail today and they are AMAZINGLY cute! I hope that you can make a better deal on behalf of Zebra – to be big like his counterparts and also to get goat produced! Personally, I think that you are going to give Zebra and Goat a complex. Where can we purchase the Zebra – what stores will they be sold? I want to complete the set with Zebra – even if he is only 8″ – and if I am not looking the croc may eat him in the middle in the night!. (sigh) You have a really cool mind. Hurry up with the next cartoon collection!! 😉 Warmly, Marsea

  14. Hey Mr. Pastis! I thought it was kind of unfair that zebra can only be 8″ and the croc can be 12″

  15. Stefan, you may recognize by my name that I am a longtime fan, but imagine my surprise and sheer delight when I found Rat and Croc at a Catalina Island gift shop! The clerk said someone had purchased all four for his grandmother, a diehard fan. I did not know you had introduced the characters in plush, and they are SO true to the “life” as you give them in the strip, as well as having very high quality construction. Zebra and Pig will join them soon. FYI to other fans, they are available on line practically everywhere, 8″ and 12″ size. Thank you SO much for introducing them. (Rat should come with a small beer can and cigarette, though.) XOXOXO and much success with your new line.

  16. I ez gonnna gets de Croc and de Zeba neghba so me practece hunteen 🙂 Haha I love PBS I really want to get them all!

  17. You need to have Goat, Danny Donkey with beer can, and a 12 inch Zebra. This is a set that needs to be expanded upon.

  18. Pleeeease make the Goat! He’s my favorite character and would add to our collection (currently numbering Rat and Pig)!!!

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