The New Pearls book

Here’s the cover art for the next Pearls collection.  The book is called The Saturday Evening Pearls.  It comes out in March.  As with all but the first two of my books (BLTs and This Little Piggy), I’ve hidden the names of my kids, Thomas and Julia, on the front cover.

The Saturday Evening Pearls

The Saturday Evening Pearls

It’s a parody of this Norman Rockwell painting.

17 thoughts on “The New Pearls book

  1. I don’t know how often I’ve been checking Amazon for this picture when I first saw the listing for it months and months ago!

    Comes out March, right?

    Even the Fruit Buddies are there!

    Love the Wallpaper — I see the Killer Whale, the Hyenas, one of the Lions, and Andy the Dog!

    Wait Goat’s only on the wallpaper? Why isn’t he at the table?

    Ah well, still a cool cover!

  2. Arun:

    As there’s only been one collection (Macho Macho Animals) since the last Treasury’s release (The Crass Menagerie), I’m betting this is another collection. The next book will likely be a Treasury 🙂

  3. Great parody cover! It’s amazing that Larry’s wife would know how to cook a zebra seeing that Larry has never caught one before. Can’t wait to get the book!

  4. yeah Arun, that’s a gift book — and while it features old strips you can find in any of the collections or treasuries it features a hilarious commentary regarding those strips from the crocs themselves (I love their bickering with even the publisher :P)

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new cover art!!! I am a huge Norman Rockwell fan AND a huge Pearls fan – the cover’s great! On a side note I wanted to let you know that my husband’s birthday was Sunday Feb. 15th – the day the papers ran the comic on the croc dad’s birthday AND my husband turned 40 that day!! He felt like it was his gift from Pearls that day!! Thank you for a HILARIOUS comic!!

  6. Nice! Read the comic every morning. I think its about time for the crocs to take a step up and lay siege to zeeba’s house (of course failing). That would make for a great run later.

  7. My favorite part of every “pearls” book is the introduction. They are a amazing insight into your world as an cartoonist, I also love the random stories like the failed atempt on your life (The Crass Menagerie) I also look forward to finding the name of your kids on the cover.

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