95 thoughts on “Voices for Animation

  1. Joe Pesci of “Goodfellas” fame would be perfect. Rat is always losing his temper and is intolorent of others around him. Pesci would be perfect voice for Rat.

  2. This is one of those questions that’s nearly impossible to answer. I’ve thought about who should voice nearly all the characters from one time or another, and Rat is the hardest choice for me.
    For Goat I occasionally think of David Tennant (‘Doctor Who’). Sometimes Pig sounds, to me, like one of several SNL and ‘Hot Rod’ cast members: Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, or Jorma Taccone. Just some average, sweet but not-all-so-clever guy.

    Even though needing a voice for him is obsolete since his character is dead in the comics, I imagine the Killer Whale’s voice to be that of the late, great André the Giant (how he sounded in ‘The Princess Bride’)

  3. I think Robert Downey Jr. would be perfect for Guard Duck. Maybe Steve Carrell for Pig. Steve Buscemi sounds perfect for Rat.

  4. Whoever the voice-actors are, how much do you plan on teaching “Zeeba-speek” to the voice-actors of Larry and the rest of the ZZE fraternity? People tend to hear their stupid-accent differently, but would you prefer whatever it is you hear?

    In my opinion, I think the crocs, whether it be Larry, JoJo, Bob, Biff, or Frank — they should all have the same voice actor. Let he/she/it have fun creating multiple perconalities from a single voice.

    Of voice actors, Jeff Bennett, Kath Soucie, and Frank Welker are all wonderful voice-actors. There rarely an animated show they haven’t been credited in, and its all thanks to the versatility of their voices.

  5. I think:

    Paul Giamatti – Goat
    Kevin Murphy (from MST3K) – Guard Duck
    Brian Trueman (the crow from DangerMouse) – one or more of the crocs

  6. I think:
    Rat: Lucas Cruiksank
    Pig: No idea
    Goat: Daniel Radcliffe (I guess because of the accent)
    Zebra: Drew Nelson
    The Crocs/Guard Duck: Daran Norris

  7. Just the thought of an animated Pearls series makes me excited! Sad to say I can’t think of any voice actors though…

  8. I always thought the Crocs had more of a Cajun accent…but in one of the books you said you heard them as more Russian…strange…

    Whatever you do, choose carefully, because that’s what we’re going to hear every time we read a strip. Kinda like Peanuts.

  9. Steve Buscemi was my first instinct for Rat. I think crocs are generally from Australia – so why not one or more of the many Aussie actors we seem to admire to do the deed. However if you want a single voice for all the crocs, as suggested, Robin Williams is alvays voonderfoolish. Pig IS Dana Carvey.

  10. Stefan,

    You seem really pretty in your pictures.

    Why don’t you just have someone filming you reading out all the parts.

    I would go see that movie!!!

  11. Oh my goodness, my brother would be perfect for the Crocs–he can do any accent and he is hysterical, will you have auditions? He could also be Snuffles as he likes to Meow whenever he doesn’t like the way a conversation is going. He can meow with many different intonations.

    Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie come to mind–they are amazing and very funny–British but can do American voices too.

    I liked the Paul Giamatti idea too…

  12. Hi Stephan,
    here’s my pick…
    Dunno if you’ve seen ‘My Name is Earl’,but somehow whenever I watch it, Randy Hickey (Ethan Suplee) reminds me of Pig …whatcha think?
    As for Rat, Buscemi can sound a bit comical at times…perhaps I havent heard an aggressive sounding Buscemi that much … and we do know Rat can get pretty aggressive 🙂
    as for the crocs how about Tracy Morgan from 30 Rock?
    Hugh Laurie for Goat…

  13. Goat – Jeff Daniels, Morgan Freeman

    Rat – David Cross

    Pig – Michael Cera

    Guard Duck – Robert Downey Jr.

    Crocs – Adam Sandler

    Pigita – Anne the Secretary (from SIS in Ringoes, NJ(908) 788-5550) Please call… she would be perfect, wait till you hear her voice, it is PIGITA!

  14. Rat… Shaq
    Pig….Mike Tyson
    Goat….Paulie Walnuts
    Zebra…Eric Van Wagenen
    Pigita…Any drunken hussy at a bar.
    Crocs…..the guy from Frazier, Walter Cronkite, and James Earl Jones.

  15. I definitely agree with Steve Buschemi as Rat.

    Pig: Jack McBrayer.

    Goat: Dustin Hoffman.

    Zebra: Tony Shaloub.

    Guard Duck: John Goodman, or maybe John Cleese? (For some reason I often hear him as a British officer).

    Crocs: Dan Casttellaneta

  16. Me! I wanna do a voice!! Please Stephan? as for others, how about Kelsey Grammar as Goat? or is that too cliche?

  17. The croc’s have russian accents?? I thought they sounded Jamaican. I can just see them wearing rasta hats and dreds.

  18. I think voice actors would be better, though we know Harry Shearer and David Hyde Pierce through other arenas, both are such versatile voice actors. I think it’s better to have someone who can capture the character rather than be a big name.

    And I thought the Crocs were speaking Hawaiian pidgin. I like that it’s not specific, we find similarities with whichever we know. Good luck with this endeavor.

  19. Colleen, your composition, although very well written, fails to capture the Fun of this blog-roll. You may be wound a bit too tight. Of course voice actors would be ideal, this was merely for entertainment, methinks.

    Good luck with your future eddievedders.

  20. Thats what IVE always thought! Buscemi would be perfect, since he kind of looks like Rat anyway.

  21. Kelsey Grammer for Goat, Ethan Suplee as Pig, I think Billy West would be good as Zebra, how about Will Farrell as Guard Duck, Bruce Willis as Mr. Snuffles, maybe a Maurice LaMarche for the crocs.

  22. Here are my thoughts:

    Pig – Colin Mocharie (of Whose Line is it Anyway)

    Rat – Maurice LaMarche (doing his Orson Welles impersonation)

    Zebra – Dennis Quaid

  23. I think that Goat should be an east Indian accent. I’m indian but i was adopted and raised by the white man, those accents drive me insane and idian people always think they’re smarter than everyone else.

  24. Lol at whoever said Tony Shaloub for Zebra. That’d be great.

    For the crocs I always think of Russians or people speaking in baby talk (“whooosa good boy?”) or both at the same time. 😛

  25. GUYS GUYS GUYS come on if it will become animated then the voice actors would be low-profile or someone that would be willing to do under extremely low pay

  26. Here are my thoughts.

    Rat – Neil Patrick Harris or Wayne Knight
    Pig – Diedrich Bader or Rob Paulsen
    Goat – Phil LaMarr or Maurice LaMarche
    Zebra – Tom Kenny
    Guard Duck – Clancy Brown
    Crocodiles – John DiMaggio
    Pigita – Tress MacNeille
    Farina – Grey DeLilse

    Aaron: Sadly, Lorenzo Music is dead.

    Josh: LOL, Tony Shaloub would be a great zeeba voice actor

  27. Let me beat on this horse and see if it’s truly dead. Plus the buzz hasn’t worn off and I’m feeling creative.

    Buscemi’s awesome for Rat – although I’d have to put Dennis Miller up there, too. Astute, acerbic with that slicing wit Rat brandishes with flourish.

    If you can get past the creepiness factor and Andy Dick is capable of learning to convey innocence – then he might pull off a rather memorable Pig. Another possibility would be geek-extraordinaire Brian Posehn – the tall goof from Just Shoot Me.

    To add even more creepiness, Paul Reubens aka PeeWee Herman could slip too easily into croc-speak. If anything I’d just love to hear him say “Hellooo Zeeba Neighba” one time.

    Janeane Garafalo (why couldn’t that chick get an easier stage name to remember how to spell?) fits nicely into Mrs. Croc.

    Definitely Tony Shaloub for Zebra – get his agent on the phone yesterday.

    Fran Drescher is Pigita. And, yes, that is a loaded statement.

    I’m digging Jack Black for Guard Duck or a close second for Crocodile.

    Time to get the buzz back on – Peace!

  28. To put a UK spin on it (since thats the voices I hear in my head anyway)

    Pig: Johnny Vegas
    Rat: Rich Fulcher (aka Bob Fossil in the Mighty Boosh)
    Goat:Matt Berry
    Zebra: Nicholas Lindhurst or Reece Shearsmith
    Crocs: John Bird (well known in the UK, did a fantastic series in the 70’s called the Idi Amin Show – the accent of which is bang on)
    Guard Duck: Windsor Davies (most famous UK military voice on TV)

  29. I always heard Stephen Root as Pig, though without the sarcasm and edge of Chode. After revewing these replies, I also agree Colin Mochrie would work as Pig…

    For the rest, I can hear:
    Jason Alexander as Rat
    Kurtwood Smith as Lit’l Guard Duck
    Avery Brooks as Goat
    Justin Long as Zebra
    Brian Posehn as the Crocs
    Deven Green as Female Crocs

  30. The crocs could only have two voice actors – Bronson Pinchot (cousin Balki) and Martin Short (Franz in Father of the Bride) could put together a respectible and humorous croc hunting party

  31. Pig – Chris Kattan
    Rat – Chris Elliot
    Goat – Simon Jones (the voice of Arthur Dent in the original “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” radio show)
    Zebra – Harry Shearer

    Crocs – Various voices of varying accents

    Guard Duck – Patrick Warburton

  32. I think that I should voice any of the characters. Why give more money to already rich actors? It would be better to hire voice talent and give an unknown a break. Listen for yourself:

    [audio src="http://www.marclibrescu.com/assets/audio/marc_librescu_demo.mp3" /]

  33. I think Dave Atell or Lewis Black would be great rats – Pig is Frank Caliendo or Jimmy Kimmel- Zebra- Tracy Morgan or Dave Chappelle- Goat – Andy Richter -Zebras – the mumbling coach from BB-BBobbie BBOOUchette- Waterboy- the guy who is a cajun sounding Boomhower (from King of The Hill)or Paul Rudd from Freakazoid

  34. I don’t have a specific voice for any of the characters, but I do have a sorta specific voice for the crocodiles in my head when I read it. It’s almost like Cheese from “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends” on Cartoon Network…

  35. C’mon, Artie Lange would be great for Rat.
    Kevin Michael Richardson as the Crocs (I usually hear the sound of Cookie Monster’s voice when I read any dialogue by the crocs except Patty and Billy)
    Zebra would be voiced by Ellen DeGeneres
    Goat would be voiced by Drew Carey
    Guard Duck would be voiced by John Goodman
    Patty the Croc has to be voiced by Roseanne Barr
    Billy the Croc would be done by Dick Beals

  36. Whoa, I almost forgot – who’d voice Pig – may I suggest June Foray?

  37. Geoffrey Holder would be hilarious as the voice of the crocs.

    Tony Kornheiser with his whiny nasal voice would make a good choice as zebra.

    Would Gibert Gottfried be allowed to do Guard Duck, or would AFLAC prevent him from voicing another duck?

    Sean Hayes (Jack from Will & Grace) would provide the perfect effeminate voice for Pig.

    John Cleese as rat.

  38. I nominate Steven Wright for Rat, Ricky Gervais for Goat, the woman who played Karen on Will & Grace for Pigita, and R. Lee Ermey for Guard Duck.
    Tony Shaloub as Pig and Justin Long as Zebra is beyond inspired.

  39. First of all… wouldn’t this ruin the idea of the ‘mystery accent’ for the crocs

    But that aside, how about

    Pig- Bill Murray

    Rat- David Hyde Pierce

    Zebra- Richard Dreyfuss

    Goat- Kelsey Grammar

  40. Buscemi all the way.

    To the person who thinks Gotfried should do Rat: Please take note, Danny Donkey would have already killed Gotfried before Rat could try. No way.

  41. Man, I thought suggesting Kelsey Grammar for Goat would be original, but three other people already suggested him. Still that’s the voice I hear when I read him.

    The Crocs: Cheech Marin (but not really Hispanic)

    Pig: Brian Baumgartner (Kevin from the Office)

  42. Now Tom Kenny(Spongebob) would be great for Pig.
    TOm kenny or Gilbert Godfry for Rat
    Me for Zebra, The Crocs and…and maybe Gaurd Duck.
    No clue on who’s right for Goat.

  43. For Rat, Steve Martin would be good, because both are funny and both are self centered, well, in the movies for Steve. Or, you could use one of the original Monty Pythons- I know John Cleese is alive. I agree with you, too, though, Buscemi would work!

  44. I hear rat as Cartman from South Park. I hear Pig as Butters from the same show. Basically, I hear most of the characters as the voices from South Park (I don’t know why) except for the crocs, the humans, and Zeebra, and Wee Bear.

  45. I think that the Guard Duck should be Christopher Walken, he can be so sinister, and wacko…. Rat could be like Danny Devito, or David Spade or someone like that…. Goat should definitely have an English accent, maybe like John Cleese….. Robin Williams could be all the Crocs, or Adam Sandler AND Robin Williams, maybe even Patrick Warburton (from the Emperors New Groove, he was Kronk)…… Dana Carvey could be Pig….or maybe even Rob Scheider…. I would love to be Pigita…..or even one of the female Crocs… But Robin and Adam can do female voices too…. This is VERY exciting…..

  46. Rat: Hugh Laurie
    Pig: Ray Ramone
    Goat: Morgan Freeman
    Zebra: Richard Dreyfus

  47. For me the crocs have always just sounded stupid, not any accent really but just redneck in a way. Which would make sense because the son and wife do not talk like Larry and his friends do.

  48. chase here i think that you should voice him it may give you ideas for the strip and it would be fun besides its better than staring at the wall at the bar

  49. A Pearls Before Swine animated show would be AMAZING! You would need to do an episode with Rat and Farina (the germophobe pig) and the one where Rat dies. And the one with Pig’s Fruit Buddies….and Mrs. Bootyworth….and, oh, whatever. These are my suggestions for voices.

    Rat: Whoever does Stewie from Family Guy or maybe whoever does Squidward from Spongebob (only less nasal) Jim Belushi would be good but he died

    Pig: Rob Paulsen or Adam Sandler

    Goat: Maurice LaMarche

    Zebra: Bill Murray or Steven Wright

    Crocs: Robin Williams

    Gurad Duck: Samuel L. Jackson

  50. I think Stephen Colbert should voice Rat. And Billy West (Stimpy and Fry) should do Guard Duck, the Crocs and Mr. Pastis. Also, Jon Stewart as Goat, Dan Castellaneta as Pig, Carlos Alazraqui as Zeebra, Grey DeLisle as various female roles and Jeff Bennett as various male roles

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  52. I think someone forgot to tell Jim Belushi that he died prior to January 30th.
    In fact, just last month Belushi, an Albanian Orthodox Christian, just visited Phanar with his family.
    And I’m deaf, so I don’t care who voices who as long as it’s captioned.

  53. stephan pastis- rat/himself
    adam sandler- pig
    kelsey grammer- goat
    chris rock- zebra
    kevin james- crocs/guard duck

  54. I like

    Rat- Adam Corolla or Dennis Leary
    Pig- Jonah Hill or Christoph Waltz (with a high pitched american accent)
    Goat- Jason Schwartzman
    Guard Duck-Daman Wayans (think Major Payne)

  55. For me,
    Rat: Hugh Laurie (American like house, but less gruff)
    Crocs: Robin Williams
    Guard Duck: Shephen Lang (the colonel from Avatar)
    Pig: Kevin James
    Goat: Jude Law
    Zebra: Eddie Izzard

  56. i know this is a little late, but here’s my actor ideas:rat- Chris Meloni, pig- ice-t, goat- Mariska Hargitay, zebra- Dann Florek, stephan- Steve carrel, Larry-johnny Depp, guard duck- Sam Worthington, patty- Julia Roberts, junior- no idea, officer Potus- tom hanks, pigita-Angelina jolie, farina- carmen electra, Danny donkey- robin williams, and any random cat as snuffles!

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