Me and the Con

Well, I’ve decided to try and get out of the house now and then in 2009.  So as part of that effort, I’ll be a featured speaker at this year’s Comic Con in San Diego (July 23 – 26).  I think I’ll be giving my own Pearls presentation, as well as a second one with Richard Thompson (the creator of the great strip Cul De Sac).  The rest of the time I’ll be drinking.


12 thoughts on “Me and the Con

  1. I’d love to go, but I’m broke, and probably will be in July as well. If you’ll pay for the airfare (I don’t ride in buses, first class preferably, but business class if I must) and provide accomadations (I prefer my own room, but would share with you if you get a double), I’ll be there. Otherwise, I guess I’ll just see you in the funny pages! (never thought that phrase could actually be used as a pun). Seriously, I enjoy and look forward to your strip daily. Pete

  2. Love how all your characters sit on pillows. Anyone you actually know that sits on a pillow and watches a TV as close as the PBS gang does?

    As for the Comic-Con — Never been and I’ve always wanted to go. You’ve given me further incentive to try and make it this year 😛

  3. Steve,

    You are poor Genius. Thanks for your strip.

    It has, IMHO, been at a level of many of the all time classics, ever since you started, and it has helped me get over the repeated comings and goings of other fine strips.

    I’m 67, from Chicago originally, and a comic reader since 1943. I never start the day without them. I save the best until last, and you are since the first day I saw your gang.

    I actually don’t know how anyone could ever equal your superb insight and wit. While I don’t agree with all of his politics, I would guess that you must appreciate Keith Oberman’s wit as well. He was actually funnier when he did sports in L.A on KTLA wherein there was no politics to divert one’s thoughts from pure humor.

    That, of course, brings to mind another fine aspect of PBS, the essential lack of politicization. (At least as far as I have been able to fathom)

    Here’s looking forward to your continued success.


    Granada Hills, Ca.

  4. I think I would enjoy your lifestyle. And what will you be drinking? I take you for a guy who likes gin and tonics or bourbon perhaps? Or maybe those are just my favorite to drink while reading Pearls Before Swine. 😉

  5. I really enjoy your strip. I am a former paid member at and still read your strip there. Their new website is very slow and practically impossible if you subscribe to many comics. I have never been able to get my comics by Email since they changed. I have written to them and they don’t reply. They are only interested in numbers of subscribers now to sell advertising. I found your strip at the Houston Chronicle and plan to unsubscribe and read it there. I am a paid subscriber at go-comics and I read them all. I wish you were there. Also paid at Daily Ink which is a great site, but no provision for comments or ratings.
    Do you have another paid site I could get the strip??

  6. Me and my friend were talking about going down there this summer… this would make it even better

  7. I totally wish I still lived in San Diego, I would love to listen to you at Comic Con. Although I ordinarly wouldn’t be caught dead at a Comic Convention (no offense Stephan). If it isn’t Halloween, seeing people in Star Trek outfits and speaking Kilgon makes me want to beat them up, give them an atomic wedgie and make them cry. I’m normally a nice person too.

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