Da Plush Ees on Da Way

 And they look like this:


Rat, Pig and the Croc come in two sizes, twelve-inches high and eight inches-high.  Zebra is offered in only the eight-inch size.  Poor Zebra.   Prey get no respect. 

I believe they come out in March, but I’m double-checking that now.  For more info, Aurora’s email is info@auroragift.com, and their phone is 1-888-AURORA2.   And their site is here.

Me and the Con

Well, I’ve decided to try and get out of the house now and then in 2009.  So as part of that effort, I’ll be a featured speaker at this year’s Comic Con in San Diego (July 23 – 26).  I think I’ll be giving my own Pearls presentation, as well as a second one with Richard Thompson (the creator of the great strip Cul De Sac).  The rest of the time I’ll be drinking.