14 thoughts on “Pearls In the NY Times

  1. I was sort of wondering why you draw Old School. I don’t mean this in disrespect, but your hero Scott Adams draws on a Cintiq Tablet. Seems like it would be good for you since you have so much trouble drawing (so you have said) and would allow you to copy and paste some of your stuff from one panel to the next. Or like you said with drawing a lot of beer bottles or other multiple objects, you could copy and paste them for days and be done much faster. Hope your trip to the Con was good.

  2. That article basically sums up everything I’ve been wondering about the newspaper/new media dynamic that I’m both fascinated and anxious about.

    Whatever happens, I’m a guaranteed reader of PBS, whether it be the paper, online, a published collection/treasury book, what-have-you 🙂

  3. Damn, what do you do when you’re not drawing, bench-press 400lbs?

    I read the article on NYT online when it first came out. I think the way to go is get people hooked online through social networking and they’ll have no choice but to buy the books for long airplane rides with dull neighbors. Or, get the goofy merchandise for those hard-to-shop-for friends and family. (Still waiting on Pearls stuffed animals.)

  4. I looove your comic! I think your characters are really cute. especially the rabbit and sheep. unfortunately those show up rarely. (\__/)

  5. Hi, I am a superfan, really loved today’s strip…papa gator bemoaning his wasted life til junior reminds him of what’s really important and papa is last seen pushing him on the swing…you are a great babysitter by the way…my 8 and 13 year old grandson’s spend hours poring over your books. Am I worried your sense of humor will warp their minds? After noting news, tv entertainment, and video games, I’m convinced you can only bring improvement! Thanks! Ps. I have been a psychiatric RN for 30 years and I’m do believe you are the most sane man I know. Sandi Smith mzcouguar@hotmail.com

  6. Stephan – saw you one day on Donny Deutch’s (sp?) show talking about your strip. Your wife is a lucky lady or should I say you are a lucky man to have an understanding wife?

    But yeah, nice guns. You are a babe. Totally love your strip. You make me laugh about 97.25% of the time.

  7. Maybe they would sell more papers if they quit telling comics to limit their comics to a tiny three panel universe and insisting on keeping the old comics. The Sunday Comics Page is so antiquated that it makes me sick to my stomach. They don’t put Pearls Before Swine in the Sunday Paper for starters.

  8. You know, you could make more money by putting your books in Kindle form. I already have a house full of Doonsbury, Calvin and Hobbs and Bloom County books. Go digital!

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